Make Masks. Everyone From Truckers To Grocery Shoppers Can Use Them.

Making A Coronavirus Mask The CDC is now suggesting everyone wear masks when you go out shopping or wait in a line. The idea is to preve...

Making A Coronavirus Mask
The CDC is now suggesting everyone wear masks when you go out shopping or wait in a line. The idea is to prevent people who might be carrying the virus, but don't have any symptoms, to keep from infecting anyone else. Up to a quarter of all people who are infected will never have any symptoms but can give the virus to someone else - who might be killed by it.

Back in 1918, when the Spanish Flu pandemic hit the world, women went to work everywhere, making protective masks. On Monday, March 30th, Anchorage firefighters asked the public to donate any masks they had made. Their idea was to keep sick people from coughing on the EMT's. Emergency workers are among the people most at risk for getting the virus.

Lots of people can use masks. Truckers hauling fuel to your house can use them to keep themselves and their families safe. 

Shoppers should use them to protect workers in stores. They are staying open so we can buy groceries, supplies, hardware, and parts and gas to keep our vehicles going. You won't necessarily need special material because these are not for medical use. Homemade masks just provide a very basic level of protection for yourself and others.

We may soon publish locations where you can drop off any extra masks you make for distribution to others.

If you make masks we will all be grateful for your efforts. If you have photos of yourself and your family making masks, contact us  and tell us where you got the directions. 

Here are some instructions for how to make a mask published in the New York Times.

Women making masks in 1918. 

You won't be alone. Juneau residents have also been busy at work for weeks, trying to make enough masks to help Alaskans. The Juneau Empire on Saturday, March 28th, printed a story showing Hal Daugherty, who runs a company called Capital Canvas. He said he was making masks for nurses, doctors, firefighters and police officers. His goal is to make 32,000 cloth masks for Juneau and the surrounding area.

If you are interested in trying to get a jump on the virus and help Alaskans in our region (along with  you and your family)  there are many other websites that show how to make suitable masks that might save somebody's life.

Here are some more links if you want to try your hand at mask-making:



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