Local Restaurants Transitioning From Take Out To Sit Down

 Effective April 24th, 2020 Alaska Restaurants May Resume Ta ble Service Dining. Bars Remain Closed   In general, the April 22 s tate m...

 Effective April 24th, 2020 Alaska Restaurants May Resume Table Service Dining. Bars Remain Closed
In general, the April 22 state mandate says social distancing protocol is to be maintained at restaurants. Groups are limited to household members only, and tables seating non-household members must be a minimum of 10 feet apart.

Meals are limited to reservations only. Fabric face coverings must be worn by all employees. Signs at the entrance to the restaurants must say Covid-19 customers can't enter. Disposable ware should be used when available. Condiments should be single-use and disposable, or sanitized after use. Tables, chairs, and menus must be sanitized after each use. Sanitizer must be at every table or the customer entrance, and hourly "touch point" sanitization of work stations, doorknobs, restrooms, equipment and screens must be performed.

Employees must wash their hands frequently for their protection and the protection of customers.  Restaurants are encouraged to provide entryway, curbside and home delivery, and to use telephone and online ordering to reduce contact. Cashless and receiptless transactions are encouraged, along with entering and exiting through different doors.

The Following Dining Services Are In The Copper Valley
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Ernesto's Grill
Ernesto's is open from 7 am to 7 pm. To order food call them. 
(Updated: April 23, 2020) 

Caribou Grill 
The Caribou Cafe is open for take-out only. They have luncheon items, including chicken sandwiches, burgers, BLTs, and so on. They're gearing up to transition to sit-in meals.
(Updated: April 23, 2020) 

Old Town Copper Center 
Old Town Copper Center is open for takeout, with all menus. Expect to open on Friday, April 24th for sit-in.
(Updated: April 23, 2020)

Eureka Lodge  
9 am to 6 pm. Closed on Tuesdays. Burgers and pies Friday, Saturday and Sunday, noon to 6 pm. 
(Updated: April 23, 2020)

On the Richardson just past the junction in Glennallen. New cafe, with Title 3 senior lunches (only 60+ years old). 11 am to 1 pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Can eat in at cafe. Operated by Tom Stevens.  Call 822-FOOD.
(Updated: April 6, 2020) 


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Too Far North With David Mudrick

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