Looking For CBS Channel 11? Gotta Tune To Channel 5

Georgia Company Takes Over KTVA... And KTUU  CBS Channel 11 Moves To Channel 5  KTVA Programming Has Moved To Channel 5. (Photo, Mon...

Georgia Company Takes Over KTVA... And KTUU

 CBS Channel 11 Moves To Channel 5 

KTVA Programming Has Moved To Channel 5. (Photo, Monday, August 3rd, 2020)

Alaska's two major television stations are now owned by Gray Television of Atlanta Georgia. The company had already bought the NBC station, KTUU, but took over CBS station KTVA in early August. KTVA had been owned by Alaska telecommunications company GCI.

Gray TV also acquired a number of other competing network television stations in Alaska, buying up CBS stations in Juneau, Sitka and Ketchikan and NBC stations in Juneau and Sitka.

To see CBS programming, viewers now have to turn to Channel 5, at KYES TV.

Two Georgia Companies Now Dominate Much Of Both Juneau
And Anchorage News Media
Gray owns both the CBS and NBC Juneau TV stations now, as well as both of the CBS and NBC Anchorage TV stations, KTUU and KTVA, which much of the state relies on for information. Another well known Georgia company, Morris Communications, owns both Juneau newspapers.

Headquartered in Augusta, Georgia,  Morris Multimedia is a very large media organization, too – owning dozens and dozens of magazines, around the nation, 12 daily newspapers, and 17 non-daily newspapers. It is run by a family – the Morris Family.

The Morris family name seems to have ties with Gray Television. Someone named Brian Morris is listed on the web as the Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer of Gray Television, and someone named Harris Morris also works closely with Gray Television, according to promotional news stories on the web.

Between the two Georgia-based news companies – Gray Television and Morris Communications  – there's now a lock on much of the news coming out of Alaska's state capital, Juneau, from both NBC and CBS.

Morris Communications family members seem to have several specific interests, as shown by the selection of magazines they operate.  Morris runs several "Home & Garden" publications. The family apparently likes horses. It owns magazines called the Equine Journal, Horsecity.com, Barrel Horse and Western Horseman. The company is interested in weddings, as shown by its magazines, EA Bride, Orlando Wedding & St. Louis Bride. It's interested in parenting: The Piedmont Parent, Charlotte Parent & Carolina Parent.

And, among many other topics, Morris Communications is also interested in Alaska. Morris owns both Alaska Magazine and the Milepost, as well as the Juneau Empire, Juneau's competing newspaper, the Capital City Weekly, The Peninsula Clarion and The Homer News. 

The state of Georgia is known for its peaches. It's a southern state on the East Coast right above Florida.  Most of mainland Alaska is somewhere around Latitude 60º or higher; Georgia is at Latitude 32.º The average high temperature in Atlanta in November is 64 degrees above zero.


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