School District Says Masks Not Required But "Encouraged" – Parents Responsible For Checking Kids' Health

The Copper River School District is working on protocols for letting kids back into school this summer. The district is working on "soc...

The Copper River School District is working on protocols for letting kids back into school this summer. The district is working on "social distancing" guidelines. Children will not have mandatory mask use. And parents will have the responsibility of checking to see if a child has a temperature before leaving for school, according to the district. 

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Here's the school district's current information about what to expect:

    • Cleaning and Disinfecting – Regular cleaning will occur using guidelines suggested by the Centers for Disease Control. Schedules and protocols for cleaning the buildings will be published when completed.

    • Physical Distancing – Will be practiced and maintained. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a distance of 3-6 feet between children and other children & adults and 6-feet for adults to adults. The guidelines from the Alaska Student Activities Association for physical distancing during sports activities will be followed.

    • Face Coverings – Face covering will be encouraged. No student will be disciplined for not wearing a face covering. However, all students will be educated about COVID-19 and possible ways to mitigate the transmission of the illness.

    • Handwashing/Hand Sanitizing – Hand sanitizer will be available. Frequent hand washing &/or hand sanitizing will occur throughout the day.

    • Transportation – Students may be assigned seating. Students who live together may be assigned to sit together.

    • Meals and Water Breaks – Physical distancing and cleaning protocols will be managed throughout the school day. Students are encouraged to bring their water bottles.

    • Classrooms – When possible, desks will be distanced 3-6 feet apart. High traffic areas will be cleaned more frequently. Materials will be individualized to each student.

    • Student/Staff Health and Safety – Trained staff will be on site to screen students and staff showing COVID-19 symptoms. Proper isolation protocols will be followed in the event of positive cases. No-touch temperature checks may be used daily for all staff and students.

    • Parent Requirements – Parents must ensure the daily health of their students. Children showing any symptoms of COVID-19 or a fever (100.4 or higher) should not be sent to school.

    • School Visitors – Visitors will be limited to approved school/district staff and vendors necessary for school services. Parents and guardian access will be limited to the school office or entrance.

    • Student Services – Students receiving Special Education services will continue to receive those services in both face-to-face and online models of learning.


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