Not Sure About Going Away To College This Year? Use Prince William Sound College, And Stay Home & Learn

 There's No Place Like Home Well, it's the kind of year when you may decide that heading off to college somewhere else isn&#...

 There's No Place Like Home

Well, it's the kind of year when you may decide that heading off to college somewhere else isn't that good an idea. Especially if you'll have to come right back due to COVID-19. This may be the year to enroll at Prince William Sound College. Here's some information that came in from the College on August 10th:

The Copper Basin Campus of Prince William Sound College is pleased to announce that the office in Glennallen is open. Current hours are 9 am - 5 pm Monday through Friday. The office is operating under the current state and university Covid-19 guidelines. As a result, there is only one employee in the office at a time and appointments are recommended for testing or other in-person services.

The start of the fall semester is August 24, 2020…but there’s still time to register for classes if you are interested in starting a degree, continuing a degree, want to pick up some General Education requirements while living at home, or just want to take a single course of interest. If you are interested in additional information on options for the fall please contact Katie Bobowski at 907-822-3673 or


The Glennallen campus also offers free GED and College Readiness classes for people interested in obtaining a GED or those who would like to pursue a college degree but may want some freshening up of math or writing skills before starting. For more information please contact Karolina Brewster at 907-822-3673 or


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