How'd This Happen? Bad Behavior On Your Cellphone Isn't Limited To Teenagers

Adolescent "Texting" Is A Disaster For Alaska's Aging Politicans – Of Both Political Parties     The heady achievement of fin...

Adolescent "Texting" Is A Disaster For Alaska's Aging Politicans – Of Both Political Parties  


The heady achievement of finally forcing your way upward through Alaska's small population into the political echelons of the ruling elite obviously doesn't mean you're smart. Perhaps it just means you've retained some of those out-of-control teenage impulses that give you energy but no wisdom. For example, a love of texting naughty things to people who can use it against you, in the most public and embarrassing way.

Two high-profile elected officials in Alaska have recently succumbed to the hazards of adolescent texting.

Republican Attorney General Texted Woman 558 Times... In One Month. Then Resigns

The Attorney General of Alaska, Kevin Clarkson, was forced out of office when he resigned after texting a junior state female employee 558 times to her personal phone during the month of March. He asked her to come to his house 18 times. He talked about how beautiful she was. He texted her day and night, even from his office. When he was uncovered, and resigned in August, Clarkson said he had a "lapse of judgement."

Democratic Mayor Of Anchorage "Sexted" Fox News Anchor...  Is Seriously Burned... And Resigns

The Mayor of Anchorage, Ethan Berkowitz, saying he had engaged in "unacceptable personal conduct" just resigned in October -- to a loud burst of prolonged cheering in the Anchorage Assembly -- after a convoluted scandal involving a Fox News anchor, Maria Athens. 
The incident triggered investigations by both the Anchorage Police Department and the FBI. The story unraveled rapidly -– with tales of dirty pictures the mayor texted her of himself, an incident involving a fight she had with the Fox News manager, an arrest in which she kicked at an APD vehicle – and her yelling out that she had pancreatitis. There were also voicetapes, in which she is apparently heard threatening to kill Berkowitz and his wife – while declaring she had loved him. It was all too much. "It is with profound sadness and humility that I resign as mayor of the Municipality of Anchorage," Berkowitz said. The culmination of the debacle came as Anchorage ascends into a record number of coronavirus cases every day.

Neither one of the men is young. Both are well educated. Clarkson went to Willamette University. He is 61 years old. Berkowitz went to Harvard and Cambridge. He is 58 years old, married, and has two children. Maria Athens is well educated,  too -- having gone to Seton Hall University, a high-end Catholic college in New Jersey. She is 41 years old.


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