CRNA Has "Standby List" for 55+ Residents In Vaccination Push. Call 822-5241 Now

   CRNA IS ACCEPTING "STANDBY" SIGN UPS  CALL 822-5241  The Copper River Native Association had filled its last clinic.  Howev...



The Copper River Native Association had filled its last clinic.  However, you may still be able to get a shot. Alaska's new allocations of vaccines were announced on Wednesday, January 27th, so providers could make plans for new clinics. We will update this story as new information becomes available.

On Wednesday, January 20th, CRNA told the Country Journal: 

Our Thursday (January 21st) clinic is full, however we are encouraging community members to call CRNA if they are interested in being placed on a standby list. 

What is a standby list? This list functions similarly to flying standby. When a vaccine becomes available (this happens for various reasons -- appointment no shows, medical determination made, etc . .) persons on the list may be eligible to receive a vaccine as vaccine vials have a limited shelf life and cannot be stored long once opened. 

 It is our top priority to ensure we do not waste vaccinations and encourage those unable to make their appointment to call as soon as possible.



Over 190 COVID-19 vaccines have been administered at CRNA. Healthcare workers continue to progress through the tiered rollout of the vaccine as they review prioritization tiers and vaccine availability. CRNA says it hopes to have 200 people vaccinated by next week.
The Primary Care Team is currently preparing for its first large scale vaccination clinic, set for this coming Thursday, January 21st. Participation in Thursday's clinic is by appointment, for persons having already been screened to ensure their eligibility falls within the current open tiers as defined by state and federal governance. The success of a clinic this scale requires careful coordination. Because of the short shelf life of the vaccine, it is necessary to ensure it is used in a timely manner. One vial of the Moderna vaccine contains ten doses, all of which must be used within a matter of hours, leaving little to no room for patients to cancel or fail to show without risking the waste of a vaccination.
Patients scheduled for Thursday's clinic are advised in advance to give adequate notice should they not be able to make their appointment, giving healthcare workers reasonable time to fill the open slot.
Those who were vaccinated in the first weeks of the vaccines availability, are set to receive their second dose next week. Authorities are urging the public to return to the site of their first vaccination to receive the follow up dose. The primary reason being for the safety of the patient as it ensures they receive the same brand of vaccine each time. If you are a Copper Valley Resident over the age of 65+ and interested in receiving the COVID vaccine, call CRNA at 822-5241.


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