Dr. Peter Hotez From Baylor Warns "We Are In A Dire Public Health Crisis Right Now, Bordering On A Homeland Security Crisis."

Doctor From Baylor College Of  Medicine in Texas Says  O ur Last Chance Is To Vaccinate The American People Friday, January 15th  Interview ...

Doctor From Baylor College Of  Medicine in Texas Says Our Last Chance Is To Vaccinate The American People

Friday, January 15th 

Interview From PBS Newshour With William Brangham 

In an interview on Friday night’s PBS Newshour, Dr Peter Hotez from Baylor College Of Medicine in Texas stressed the importance of everyone stepping up and getting vaccinated. He said:

"We are in a dire public health crisis right now, bordering on a homeland security crisis, because of the depth and breadth of this epidemic now. Right now, COVID-19 is the leading cause of death in the United States of a daily basis. It's been this way for about at least the last month, maybe six weeks.

We are looking at 4,000 deaths per day. And that — so, the number is going to get to around 400,000 deaths by around the time of the inauguration, which is an important benchmark. That's the number of American G.I.s who sacrificed their lives in World War II. So, we're looking at something on that scale.

And we're continuing to head to 500,000 deaths. So, this is a humanitarian tragedy, to say the least. And the numbers are extraordinary, 200,000 to 300,000 confirmed cases per day. And that's an underestimate by a factor of four. So, we're looking at a million new cases a day, and without any COVID-19 national program in place for 2020.

We have squandered every opportunity to do that. We have missed the entry of the virus coming in from Europe back last spring. We never got diagnostic testing up to speed. We failed to stop that Southern surge in the summer, the fall surge in the Midwest. So, now our backs are against the wall.

All we have left  ... is to vaccinate the American people".


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