School District Cracks Down On In-Class Cell Phones

You'll Get Busted If You Use Your Phone In Class!  The Copper River School District is getting fed up with students sitting in class tex...

You'll Get Busted If You Use Your Phone In Class! 

The Copper River School District is getting fed up with students sitting in class texting and carrying on over their cell phones all day long while they're supposed to be studying. 

They're taking this seriously. 

And they have a few new words for you to learn. "ISS" means "In School Suspension." "OSS" means Out of School Suspension. The meaning of ISS (from the web) is shown below. "OSS" is even worse. Look it up. 

In School Suspension (ISS) allows the student who has demonstrated behavior that disrupts the educational process of others, yet does not warrant removal from school, to have his/her behavior modified and to try and correct the issue at hand that caused him/her to be placed into this setting.

Parents we need your help!!! Faculty and Staff at Glennallen High School have observed a mass influx of cell phone use during academic instruction. The goal at GHS is to ensure that all students are recieving the best education possible and help students develop healthy practices that will aide in their success in the workplace post high school. 

Cell phones and other electronic devices may be used by High School students before school, during lunch, between periods, and after school. Mobile devices may not be used or visible during instructional periods unless allowed by the teacher for academic purposes. Individual schools reserve the right to further restrict the use and possession of cellular phones on school grounds (BP5144.1).

According to the Student Handbook: 

Students who refuse to relinquish their phone, could receive ISS or OSS depending on the severity of the situation. It would be terrible for our students to succumb to disciplinary actions as a result of expressing defiant behavior after using their cell phone during unapproved times. Staff at GHS have made students aware and hope that parents will talk to their kids about appropriate cell phone use/times. 

We are all in this together!! GHS thanks you for doing your part as parents to make students aware of protocol.


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