National Snapshot April 18th

Snapshot America  56 Million Americans Are Now Fully Vaccinated And Dr. Fauci Says Surge In Vaccinations Will Keep 4th Wave Much Lower Than ...

Snapshot America 

56 Million Americans Are Now Fully Vaccinated And Dr. Fauci Says Surge In Vaccinations Will Keep 4th Wave Much Lower Than Predicted 

The United States is now vaccinating 6% of Americans every week in an effort to beat new variants.

Anxiety And Depression Are High Among American Public

On Friday, March 27th, the National Center for Health Statistics reported that all racial and ethnic groups, genders and ages have experienced an increase in symptoms of depression. The increase in anxiety or depression rose "significantly" between August and February. The percentage of young adults between 18 and 29 experiencing anxiety or depression rose alarmingly, to 57%. Locally if you need emergency help you should call 911. If you feel you need help dealing with stress and anxiety CRNA maintains an... 

Or Get Support: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Meanwhile, COVID case numbers in the U.S., as well as deaths and hospitalizations, have been leveling out instead of decreasing. Michigan is being hit particularly hard by the new wave of variants and cases are still soaring.

Dr. Anthony Fauci warned on Tuesday and then again on Sunday, March 28th, about the behavior of college students in Florida and that some state governors mistakenly think the crisis is over.

He said: "A new wave of infections is sweeping over Europe... We generally are 3-4 weeks behind the dynamics of the outbreak we see in Europe. So, given that the Europeans are surging back up, it is very clear that this is a risk that we will be doing the same thing if we don't pull back. We need to keep doing the public health measures that we talk about all the time," he said. 

United States Needs People To "Step Up"

The United States is far ahead of Europe (except for England) in vaccinations. The U.S. is now vaccinating 3 million people or more a day. In the U.S., as more businesses and people see how effective the vaccines are, more are rolling up their sleeves and getting their shots.  The benefits are enormous – people with vaccines can get back to work, school and sports and resume normal social life.

Meanwhile a cruise line that announced every passenger had to be vaccinated was filled with bookings in a matter of hours.

For Whom The Bell Tolls 
Warnings Issued By Dr. Osterholm 
Underscore Need For People To Get Vaccinated

The State of the Virus From The New York Times

Updated April 14

• The country is averaging about 71,000 cases a day, about 16,000 more than a month ago.
• Michigan is in the midst of an alarming surge that is far worse than what any other state is experiencing. The state accounts for more than 10 percent of the country’s daily cases, and is home to 16 of the 17 metro areas with the nation’s worst recent case rates. 
• New Jersey and New York, which had high case levels through the winter, are now seeing sustained declines in new cases.
• Around 700 deaths are being reported most days, the fewest since October, though hospitalizations have been rising slowly in recent days. 
• More than 3.3 million vaccine doses are being administered on an average day. But a sudden pause in Johnson & Johnson vaccinations forced many providers to cancel appointments.

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