Covid Cases Rise & Hospitals Fill Up Again. US Schools Closing In Early August Due To Sick Kids & Staff

Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Georgia & Mississippi In Trouble As Hospital ICU Beds Fill Up  20,000 Mississippi Kids In Quarantine After On...

Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Georgia & Mississippi In Trouble As Hospital ICU Beds Fill Up 

20,000 Mississippi Kids In Quarantine After Only One Week In School    

Things are looking tough at America's schools – and we haven't even reached Labor Day. 

Update: August 19th, 2021

One Week Into School, 20,334 Mississippi Students In Quarantine 

Kids in Mississippi went back to school on August 9th. Ten days later, 4,521 kids had contracted coronavirus, and over 20,000 students in Mississippi were in quarantine. 

In that same early August period, 948 Mississippi teachers and staff tested positive in a 7 day period. This is part of a total of 1,496 Mississippi school teachers and staff who got covid since the start of August.

Like the Copper River Valley, Mississippi is not heavily vaccinated. Only 36% of people there have had a complete course of vaccine. In Mississippi, 29 schools have had to go virtual. 

August 18th, 2021 

Last year, the problem was that older people were getting sick with the virus. But a vast majority of elderly people everywhere got vaccinated, and, for now, they're safe. 

This fall, the new Delta variant is picking on children. There is no vaccine for children under 12 yet. Kids and young adults are now becoming sick.

This is a major shift. For over a year and a half, children were understood to be relatively safe. That's not true now. The new "Delta variant" strikes young people.

The first place this new trend is showing up is in the Southern states.  20,000 students are now quarantining in Mississippi. Schools all over Texas are closed due to quarantining. Georgia counties are closing their schools. New Orleans has 3,000 school students and staff in quarantine. 

The extent to which this problem of outbreaks among the young is affecting schooling in these states is rapid and stunning. One school district, Hillsborough County Public Schools in Florida, already has 6,000 kids and staff in quarantine, and the school board is now considering mandatory masking in defiance of the Governor, Ron DeSantis', warning that any Florida school district mandating masks will be severely punished. And it's only August. 

Hillsborough is suddenly considering masks because school in that county started up a week ago on August 10th. Yet already 1,400 of their students and staff have gotten Covid-19. 

Meanwhile, hospitals and ICU wards are filling up. As of 4 days ago, only 8 states accounted for half of all current people who are severely suffering with Covid. These states were: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada and Texas. 

A few days ago, on August 6th, 2021, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services released data about hospital capacities around America. What they found is hard to deal with. 

Some states have a lot of the ICU beds filled for a variety of reasons. But certain states – Texas, Utah, Oklahoma, Nevada, Missouri, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida and Alabama – have many beds filled by Covid patients, not just by people suffering heart attacks, other illnesses, cancer or car accidents. 

Here in Alaska, the problem is also dire for addressing new needs: 79% of our state's 130 ICU beds are occupied with patients in August. 

Alaska's 130 beds are the fewest that are available in any state in the nation. Florida, for example, has 6,354 ICU beds, though 89.5% are occupied. 


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