Governor Warns Alaskan Hospitals Are Full Up. So Don't Shoot Your Foot, Have A Heart Attack...Or Get Covid

Governor Mike Dunleavy Says Sick & Injured People  Coming To Alaska's Few Hospitals May Be Turned Away  August 27th, 2021 Only 2 ICU...

Governor Mike Dunleavy Says Sick & Injured People Coming To Alaska's Few Hospitals May Be Turned Away 

August 27th, 2021
Only 2 ICU Beds Available In Anchorage, Alaska 

Alaska is following a sad and dangerous national trend. The few hospitals in our state are not up to the task of dealing with the new Delta variant, let alone with the never-ending flood of basic injuries, trauma, bear maulings, car crashes, falls, and heart attacks that mark Alaska's dangerous outdoor lifestyle. There's literally no room at the inn. 

Hospitals all over America are the place of final resort for the very ill or wounded. 

But right now, hospitals everywhere are forced to turn away the ever-growing number of patients requiring beds, ventilators, and specialized ICU nursing staff. The crush of huge numbers of Delta variant patients can also lead to the forced abandonment or delayed care for people who don't have Covid but end up at the hospital, too. Such as your dad who's having a heart attack, or someone who just hit a moose on the Glenn. 

Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy spoke to the public on Thursday in a podcast. He urged the people of our state to "be a little safer this summer." Dunleavy, who contracted Covid-19 himself, said that hospitals are so slammed in Alaska that there's a real possibility you can't get medical care even if you need it. 

"Just understand that if you do get sick, if you do get injured and you plan on going to the hospital, you have to be prepared to not receive the care you expect," he said. He added, "In some cases" you will be "turned away." 

Dunleavy offered a solution. Most people who are hospitalized and dying from Covid-19 have not been vaccinated, Dunleavy urged these people to get a shot. "The vaccine is available," he said. 

There were 730 new cases reported yesterday, August 26th, in Alaska. It's a lot. And this is a rapidly growing trend, fueled by the new Delta variant.

The Copper Valley has seen a significant surge over the past month, with dozens of newly sickened people. They make up an unusually high percentage of the total number of local residents who have gotten Covid in the Copper Valley since the pandemic began. 

The Governor announced that he's calling on the Department of Health & Social Services, the Department of Commerce, the Department of Law, Community and Economic Development and the Department of Veterans Affairs to work with the state and its hospitals to help solve the problem of providing the people of the state with hospital care. 

He said that the state is going to search for additional licensed health care providers willing to work in Alaskan hospitals. There is also a problem, due to supply chains, in finding medical supplies for the hospitals, which the state is trying to address using bulk purchases and resource sharing of supplies and medications.

The Copper River Valley does not have any hospitals, so all Copper Valley people needing intensive care have to go either to Anchorage, Wasilla or Fairbanks, all of which are at full capacity already. 

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