71 New Cases Of Covid In Copper Valley In Past Two Weeks, Including 38 In Last 7 Days

Covid Cases In The Copper Valley Are Beginning To Spiral Out Of Control  September 17th, 2021 The Copper River Native Association, which rep...

Covid Cases In The Copper Valley Are Beginning To Spiral Out Of Control 

September 17th, 2021

The Copper River Native Association, which reports known Covid-19 cases in the Copper Valley every Friday afternoon, has released some alarming statistics as Covid-19 continues to climb in the Copper River Valley.

There were 71 known cases here in the past 14 days. That means that at least 5 people a day are known to be coming down with Covid in this small community of around 2,700 people. 

The numbers are growing. Of those 71 sick people, 38 of them – more than half – got sick in just the last 7 days. 

The Copper River Native Association released a warning this week that its basic services are being seriously affected by the deluge of stricken local people. The CEO of CRNA, Angela Vermillion, asked local people to "be kind" to the CRNA staff – while making an effort to keep themselves well, to wear masks, and to take the vaccine. (See story in this Journal)

The few large hospitals in Alaska are seriously affected, and this week announced that they are not able to bring in new patients. Providence Hospital said that emergency room patients had to sit out in the parking lot in their cars, hoping to be let in. 

Alaska's hospitals have started a heart-rending process known as "triage." Under this form of care (which you often hear about at big car wrecks or mass shootings) emergency and  medical personnel put their most effort into trying to rescue the people they think have the greatest chance of living. 

In America, this type of shuffling through patients, looking for the best capable of surviving, has not been something you did when faced with huge numbers of people hit with disease. It's something you tend to do in train wrecks, or when buildings collapse. 

It's unheard of in modern America to have this happening due to a deadly respiratory ailment. 

There's a new form of Covid right now. It's called "the Delta variant" and it is far more likely to infect and kill young children than the form of Covid that was circulating last year. 

There are no hospitals in the Copper Valley. Typically, people who are injured in the Copper Valley while hiking, or who fall of a cliff or get bitten by a bear are medivaced to Providence or another hospital in Anchorage. This is apparently not going to be as easily accomplished, due to Covid-19. 

For Assistance Regarding Covid-19

Call CRNA at 822-5241
Call Cross Road Medical Center at 822-3203

In an emergency, Dial 911


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