Be Kind. CRNA Asks Public To Mask Up & Get Vaccine – As Covid Rages & Affects Basic Services

LONG WAIT TIMES & DELAYED RESPONSES Copper River Native Association, A Major Health Provider, Says It's Getting Hard To Serve Reside...


Copper River Native Association, A Major Health Provider, Says It's Getting Hard To Serve Residents 

Do What You Can To Stop The Spread Of Covid 

Mask Up, Get The Vaccine, Be Patient... & Be Kind To CRNA's Staff 

CRNA Website 

On Thursday, September 16th, 2021, Covid cases continued to rise in the Copper Valley. The Copper River Native Association, which is a primary medical service provider for the entire region put up an alert on its Facebook site, along with a video addressing the public. Like almost every part of America, the Copper Valley is dealing with an increasing number of sick people -- and CRNA is having a hard time handling it all. 

On its Facebook site, CRNA said:

You may have called or stopped by and experienced a long wait time or delayed appointment, we apologize. We are working hard to meet the increased demands of COVID-19 and regular services, with limited staff and testing supplies. We appreciate your patience as we prioritize our resources as best we can. Tsi’nean
Angela Vermillion, CEO of CRNA, speaks to the public, asking for patience & explaining what you can do to try not to get sick so you can keep from tasking an already frayed Alaskan safety net. (September 16th, 2021) 

Angela Vermillion, CRNA's CEO, also made a video for the public, elaborating on what is happening at CRNA -- especially the need to prioritize, due to shortages of workers and supplies.  In it she said:

Copper River Native Association is experiencing a high level of Covid-19 cases. You may be experiencing longer wait times for medical appointments and scheduling Covid tests. 

Along with the nation, CRNA is also currently facing a shortage of health care workers. Also there has been a short supply of Covid test kits, which has been felt across our state and our nation. At this time, we are prioritizing Covid tests for symptomatic, direct exposure, and patients with symptoms. We may not be able to provide Covid tests for travelers or indirect exposures. 

We are doing our best to provide the highest quality of care with the limited resources that we have. We do offer free vaccinations, which, data has shown, reduces Covid-19 hospitalization rates. Please help prevent the spread of Covid-19 by avoiding indoor gatherings, and keep safe by social distancing and by wearing a mask in public indoor settings. 

Our staff has faithfully served our region throughout this entire pandemic. We are in unprecedented times with this pandemic. And although we are here to help, our staff is experiencing exhaustion. Please be kind to our staff. We appreciate your patience and prayers. Thank you.  


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