October 4th, 2021: Every Single Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Site In The World Went Down

IS FACEBOOK HOT...OR NOT?  Facebook's official business address, "1 Hacker Way" in Menlo Park, California, somehow seems less ...


Facebook's official business address, "1 Hacker Way" in Menlo Park, California, somehow seems less humorous nowadays. (From Google Maps Search) 

Copper Valley Organizations Rely On Facebook, Which Was Wiped Off The "World Wide Web" On October 4th

UPDATE: By 4:15 pm, Facebook was back up and running on Monday afternoon, Alaska time.

On the morning of October 4th, Alaska time, the top news in America was that Facebook, everywhere on earth, had bit the dust. And that's not all. Every Instagram and WhatsApp site also went down.

Bus Route News On October 4th 
Wasn't Visible To Anybody 

Want to know if the Copper River School District has anything to say to you today on their Facebook site? Like if the buses are running? Too bad. On Monday, October 4th, Facebook was wiped off the internet. All of it, everywhere. Including in the Copper Valley. 

Want to know if there's an electrical outage? The CVEA Facebook site was down.  And the Ahtna Facebook site, the CRNA Facebook site, the Kluti-Kaah Facebook site, the Gakona Facebook site, the Tazlina Village Facebook site, the "If You Are From Glennallen, Alaska..." site.   In fact, every single Facebook site in the entire region, country and world went off the grid.

Google The School District Page On October 4th
And You Got Nothing

10:22 am October 4th: Attempt to reach CRSD Facebook site. 

It's hard to get your hourly Facebook fix if Facebook is gone. 

Facebook is hugely popular. Almost 3 billion people around the world use Facebook. One reason people like it is that it's fast and simple. You don't have to think when you put up a post on Facebook. All you have to do is slap something down, and it comes up right away.  The only thing you as a person have to do to get onto Facebook – or to start a site – is turn over your personal information to the company. That's your price of admission. 

As of Monday, not a single one of all those 3 billion earthlings who are Facebook users could get on Facebook at all, even if they accepted the company's terms. 

For a business model that has such enormous impact, Facebook started off badly. 

Facebook started out in 2004 at Harvard University, when a batch of misfit computer nerds (one of whom, Mark Zuckerberg, was about to be expelled from the university) decided to make fun of the girls who went to school with them. They rummaged through the internet, and found photos of miscellaneous Harvard girls. 

Then they made a website that aimed to humiliate those girls. They called it "Facemash." Each girl's picture was placed next to another girl's picture, and then the boys at Harvard were invited to go at it – and decide which girl was "Hot" and which girl was "Not," ranking their unwitting fellow students by appearance and sexual attractiveness. 

What was to eventually become known as "Facebook" was off and running. 


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