Dr. Rebekah Robinson Leaves CRNA. New Medical Director Steps In At Tazlina Facility

Dr. Rebekah Robinson Is Leaving CRNA After Years Of Service To Community  Dr. Rebekah Robinson (Photo, CRNA)  The Copper Valley's doctor...

Dr. Rebekah Robinson Is Leaving CRNA After Years Of Service To Community 

Dr. Rebekah Robinson (Photo, CRNA) 

The Copper Valley's doctor is leaving CRNA. A new physician, Dr. Marc Dumas, will be working for the Copper River Native Association. 

Jim Godin, Director of Healthcare Quality and Acccreditation at CRNA, gave the Country Journal an update on the transition, and on what is happening in the region as of January 12th, 2022, regarding the Covid situation. 


Dr. Dumas is currently serving in an administrative role as our Medical Director. His role is a dedicated long term position overseeing our Primary Care clinic. We are excited about the skills and expertise he brings to CRNA. His work at CRNA will most definitely contribute to our goals of improving the care we can offer our region.
On a similar note we are incredibly appreciative of the contributions Dr Robinson has made during her time here. The positive impact she has made on patients, peers and friends will not soon be forgotten at CRNA. We wish her well on all her future endeavors.
Regarding our regional COVID-19 situation, it is apparent that cases are on the rise in recent weeks. Although variant testing is currently lagging, it is generally accepted that the Omicron variant is the main cause.
Anecdotally we have seen a decreased effectiveness of immunity against this variant across all demographics (vaccinated/non-vaccinated/previously infected/and any combination of the aforementioned). Initial data appears to support this. That being said vaccines are still shown to be effective in reducing the severity of infection and hospitalization, as mentioned previously by Dr Dumas.
Mrs. Vermillion’s communication last week regarding the importance of early testing and treatment still holds true. We encourage everyone to either call or visit our website to get advice from our team members specific to their situation.
We continue to offer vaccination and testing, including home tests. We are working diligently to procure additional treatment options. At this time we have no specific quantities or dates these will be received, but are placing an emphasis on “as soon as possible”.
Basic protective measures are still recommended – masks, social distance, proper quarantine when needed, hand washing, and vaccination,  are the best thing people can do to protect themselves and others.

CALL CRNA AT 822-5241
OR CALL 911 

Dr. Marc Dumas is listed, on the Survival Training & Rescue Center website in Anchorage, as having "extensive experience in wilderness medicine." A tactical physician for over 17 years, he's worked with local police departments, ATF, the Troopers, DEA, and the FBI. He has served as medical director for the Fairbanks Fire Department, Guardian Flight, the Alaska Marine Highway and other EMS agencies in Alaska, and has experience as a flight physician on both fixed wing and rotor wing aircraft. He also lectures on EMS, critical care, transport medicine and prolonged patient care. 

Dr. Marc Dumas (Photo, Survival Rescue Center website) 


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