Wells Fargo Bank Down To A Staff Of Two; Closed For Week Of July 4th. Opens Again On July 11th

Glennallen's Wells Fargo Won't Open Again Until July 11th Due To Staff Shortage  From Wells Fargo Website.  Closest Wells Fargo Is I...

Glennallen's Wells Fargo Won't Open Again Until July 11th Due To Staff Shortage 

From Wells Fargo Website. 

Closest Wells Fargo Is In Valdez 

As of this Monday there are only two employees working at Wells Fargo in Glennallen. This is a major problem for the bank. They'll have to close for the next 10 days. 

Wells Fargo Bank in Glennallen will be closed for the week of Monday through Friday, starting July 4th through July 8th. It will reopen again on Monday, July 11th. (The bank is always closed on weekends.) 

The bank, which had an original staff of five, has been losing workers. It went down to a staff of three, and this past Monday it went down to only two people, a staffer told the Journal. As long as there are two workers, they can still run the branch, but if one of them becomes ill, it will have to close down, she said. 

Wells Fargo has three job positions open in the Copper Valley: teller, banker and manager. The remaining two workers have put up signs at the bank, and put up a notice on Facebook. 

"It would be really nice if the community would have a little patience with us," the staffer said. 

According to the "Bank Locations Maps" website, there are 120 Wells Fargo branches and ATM locations in Alaska, in dozens of communities, including Wasilla, Barrow, Nome, Anchorage, Dillingham, North Pole, Ketchikan and many other places, along with Glennallen. 

Wells Fargo was started in 1852, as a package and delivery service between New York City and Albany. Eventually it became a powerhouse, even shipping gold dust out West on its famous "Wells Fargo wagons." 

National Bank of Alaska started in 1918, when E.A. Rasmuson began the Bank of Alaska. When he died in 1949, his son Elmer took over, growing National Bank of Alaska "from a community bank to a statewide force for progress in the Territory" says the Rasmuson Foundation website. Wells Fargo took over National Bank of Alaska in 2000. 



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