Glennallen 8th Graders Sweeten Up Science Class; 6th Graders Declare Their Independence

N ews From The Copper River School District Let's Defy The King Of England! Ms. Sensenig's students have been studying the Declarati...

News From The Copper River School District

Let's Defy The King Of England!

Ms. Sensenig's students have been studying the Declaration of Independence in Civics class. Some scholars believe it was intended to be read aloud, so each student chose a part to read and we practiced reading it as a group in the classroom as we imagined what it would be like to risk our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor defying the King of England. The sixth grade class wanted to share it with an authentic audience, so we arranged with the office to let them read it over the loudspeaker during the morning announcements. Even the ones who are shy about public speaking worked up the courage to do it, and in the end, they said, it wasn't as bad as they thought it would be. 

How To Make Caramel In Science Lab

The 8th grade science class is currently working on learning the differences between chemical and physical reactions and how they demonstrate the law of conservation of mass. After reading through the chapter and completing their class notes students completed a hands-on Sugar Lab to demonstrate their understanding. Before starting the lab, students had to fill out the objectives, hypothesis, materials, and procedures portion of their lab reports. Even though it was quite long they all had to write every step of the procedures as it would be their only guide when performing the lab. 

Students began the lab by measuring a cup of sugar and determining its weight after placing it inside a beaker. They then melted the sugar on a hot plate and let it cool until they were able to place it on the scale and measure the weight of the sugar again. After melting the sugar students had to determine if a physical or chemical reaction had occurred and whether it demonstrated the law of conservation. Next they followed the same procedures only this time they burned the sugar, and determined what type of reaction had occurred along with explaining how the law of conservation applied to their answer. 

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