The Bridges Of Copper River Country – And The Rest Of Alaska – Are In Constant Need Of Repair

COPPER RIVER COUNTRY JOURNAL  COMMENTARY  Easter Sunday, March 31st, 2024  Collapse Of A Major Bridge Linking The Entire East Coast of Ameri...

Easter, 1990: Harding Ewan At Tok Cutoff Mile 1 Viewing Hundreds Of Caribou In Nelchina Herd

The Coming Of Spring  Mile 1 Tok Cutoff Overlook (Photo by Copper River Country Journal)  Thirty-four years ago this spring the Nelchin...

EVENTS: Moose Creek’s Yearly Tantrum: Glennallen Improvement Corporation Will Meet With The Public At The American Legion April 1st

APRIL 1ST MEETING ABOUT MOOSE CREEK FLOODING THIS SPRING  Moose Creek in Spring, 2023 (Journal archives)  Spring flood planning meeting on A...

PFD Sign Up Deadline Is March 31st; Legislators Still Wrangling Over Final Amount

Sign Up Now For The PFD   March 27th, 2024 With the deadline for signing up for the Permanent Fund Dividend this year only days away, the st...

State Does It Again: Alaska Fails To Comply With Requirements, Risks Losing $400 Million To Schools

THE FINE PRINT   State Risks Losing Hundreds Of Millions Due To Non-Compliance Involving Pandemic Funds For Schools   It's The Second Ti...

DOT's Federal Highway Plan Has Been Approved After Resubmission

 Federal Government Sent Back Earlier Paperwork Six Projects Have Been Earmarked For "Subsequent State Amendment"  Rerouting of Ho...

Sixty Years Ago, On Good Friday, The Earth Shook

 March 27th, 1964 Brought The Largest Earthquake Ever To Alaska  Valdez Residents Fled North To The Copper Valley  Prince William Sound – a ...

Tsunami Warning System Test 10:20 AM Wednesday Morning March 27, 2024

  The Test Won’t Go To Cell Phones This test coincides with the 60th anniversary of the magnitude 9.2 earthquake that hit Alaska in 1964. Th...

CRNA Information On Urgent Care, Physical Therapy, Chiropractor, Covid-19 Vaccinations & Primary Care

 News From CRNA's Robert Marshall Clinic In Tazlina  CRNA's Medical Facility In Tazlina  March 26th, 2024  CRNA PRESS RELEASE: We wa...

Glennallen School Braces For Moose Creek Floods; Sending School Work Home, Will Use Zoom

Glennallen K-12 Principal Expects Moose Creek Floods This Spring Will Impact School  School Is Going Into Emergency Mode, Using Zoom And Wor...

Four Years Ago In March, 2020: Openings & Closings Around The Copper Valley At Start Of Covid

WAYBACK WITH THE JOURNAL  Looking Back At This Time 4 Years Ago... March 20th, 2020  NOTE: In March and April, 2020, the brand-new web versi...

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