Troopers Look For Snowmachiner At Lake Louise As Person Of Interest

Fish & Wildlife Hunts Down "Person Of Interest" In Illegal Trapping Inquiry  The Alaska State Troopers are on the lookout for ...

General Motors Committed To Clean Technology By 2035

 GM  Says All Its New Vehicles Will Switch Electric Or Hydrogen Power General Motors said this week that it is phasing out the internal comb...

Tazlina Village Raising Funds To Purchase 462 Acres As Cultural Gathering Place

Village Has Raised $76,027 Toward $250,000 Goal To Buy Old Catholic School Lands  You Can Donate More At GoFundMe Tazlina Village Facebook T...

Millionaires Trick Beaver Creek Locals In The Yukon To Steal Elders' Vaccine... & It Doesn't Go Well

Covid Chronicles: Don't Mess With The Yukon Territory  Beaver Creek, in the Yukon Territory, is the closest Canadian community to the Co...

Carey Carew Dies At Age Of 48

  Carey Carew (Photo, Ahtna Inc. Facebook) Carey Lynn Carew passed away January 8, 2021 at the age of 48, and was buried in the Copper Cente...

Oil Tanker Struck By Tugboat In Valdez Harbor Gashed. Survives The Hit With No Oil Spilled

 Tanker Was Full Of Oil & Still On The Dock  An oil tanker passes a sailboat in Valdez Harbor. (Journal file photo) An oil tanker at the...

DOT Reopens Chitina Highway Station After Shutting Down 4 Years Ago During Budget Cuts

Station Opened Monday After Closing In October, 2016 Using Special Federal Highway CARES Funds  Snowplow on an Alaskan road. (Photo, Alaska ...

Ahtna Elder Roy Tansy, Born At Historic Valdez Creek On The Denali Highway, Passes Away January 10th

Devoted To A Life Of Service & To His Beloved Wife, Irene  Irene & Roy Tansy at a Chistochina potlatch. (Photo, Doyle Traw) Ahtna El...

Dimond Center Says No You Don't – Protestors With Guns Won't Be Allowed To Gather There This Sunday

Anchorage Shopping Mall Listed As Location Of Armed Rally: Dimond Center Responds That They're Having None Of It   Dimond Center & P...

Tazlina Trading Post Planning To Rebuild After Major Fire

  (Photo, Glenn Rich Fire Department ) "Everybody Got Out. Nobody Was Hurt" The owners of the Tazlina River Trading Post, which bu...

Get Immunized Against COVID If You're 65+ Years Old. Call CRNA At 822-5241 For Information Now

NOTICE The State Of Alaska Says Residents 65 And Over Next In Line For Shots  Why This Is Important:  People 65 and over are now going to fi...

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