DOT Lists Projects At Chamber Meeting; Long Lake Not On A Fast Track

 Ryan Anderson, Head Of DOT, Spoke To Copper Valley Chamber April 28th At Lake Louise Long Lake Hill Project Schedule  Here's A Brief Ru...

Valdez Heli Ski Guide Dies In Major Thompson Pass Avalanche

Experienced Guide Swept 1,500 Feet & Over A Cliff Go Fund Me page for Mike Hamilton of Valdez.   A Go Fund Me page for a well-known Vald...

Fried Bees & Burning Letters Spell Bad News For Alaska's Transport Systems

 TOO HOT TO HANDLE   Mail Truck Burns Up On Way To The Kenai. And 800 Lbs. of Alaska-Bound Honeybees Are Struck By Heatstroke On The Tarmac ...

Viking Ships Will Stop 14 Times In Valdez This Summer; Holland America Sending Single Boat

It's A Whole New Ballgame For Valdez Welcome to Valdez Sign. (Photo, Country Journal) After several years without cruise ships, seven Vi...

Avalanche Near Worthington Glacier Injures Two & Triggers Chopper Rescue

 Three People Trapped In Thompson Pass Avalanche On Tuesday, April 26th, 2022  The Alaska State Troopers rescued three people – two of them...

Upper Copper Federal Subsistence Fishing Starts May 15th. Get Your Permits Here

FISHWHEEL NEWS FROM NPS APRIL 26TH, 2022    Permit Information Now Available for Federal Subsistence Fishing in the Upper Copper River    CO...

Five Bears Under California Home Wake Up. No Wonder Residents Heard Snoring All Winter!

 Mama Bear & Four Cubs Have Been Snoozing Away For Months, Grumbling & Snoring... On April 22nd, a family in Lake Tahoe, California,...

Wells Fargo Rasmuson Museum Donates 1,700 Native Artifacts To Native Heritage Center

Alaska Native Heritage Center Gets Huge Cultural Donation From Wells Fargo's Closed Anchorage Museum The wealthy National Bank of Alaska...

Results & Photos Of 31st Annual Mountain Man Hill Climb In Thompson Pass

MOUNTAIN MAN HILL CLIMB RESULTS, 2022  LARGEST WOMEN'S CLASS... EVER  Every April, in No Man's Land between Valdez and the Copper Va...

They Say That Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Planning For Ice Jams This Spring

SHOULD WE BE PLANNING FOR BREAKUP? On May 5th, 2009, the Yukon River wiped out Old Eagle Village on the Yukon. (Photo, National Weather Serv...

Venereal Disease ("VD" or "STD") Is Rampant In Alaska

Alaska Is The Third Worst State In America When It Comes To Syphilis  Official Report From State Health Department   April 12, 2022, ANCHORA...

CRNA Reaches 50 Years Of Service To Thousands Of Residents

CRNA CELEBRATES 50 YEARS OF SERVICE TO THE COPPER RIVER VALLEY  Ina Lincoln & Barbara Bayless Of CRNA bring hams & pineapple to a CR...

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VERY HIGH Fire Danger In The Copper Valley; BURNING SUSPENDED

Too Far North With David Mudrick

Too Far North With David Mudrick
June 20th: 45th Anniversary Of First Oil Through The Pipe


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