19-Year-Old Gulkana Woman Apprehended in Early Morning At Mile 110 Rich, Troopers Say

Charged With Failure To Stop And Driving Under The Influence, They Say  Troopers Notified By Concerned Citizen Filing A REDDI Report  Locati...

22-Year-Old Glennallen Woman Apprehended For DUI, Said Troopers

Caught At A Traffic Stop Near Midnight At Mile 187 On The Glenn, Troopers Say  Location:   Glennallen Type:  DUI Dispatch Text: On 07/29/202...

Small Town Of Anderson On The Parks Is "Set" To Evacuate Due To Late July Fires

  Multiple Fires Managed in the Anderson Complex  BY  ALASKA DIVISION OF FORESTRY & FIRE PROTECTION   on   JULY 29, 2023 EVACUATION STAT...

Fires On Parks Highway & Near Fairbanks Threaten Evacuations On July 29th, 2023

  Evacuation orders in place for Denali and Fairbanks North Star Boroughs as fire activity increases in the Interior  BY  ALASKA DIVISION OF...

When You Name Your Kid "X Æ A-Xii" Is It Any Surprise You'd Rename Twitter "X"?

 Elon Musk Likes The Word "X" ...So He's Given Twitter A New Name     Nevermind that it's hard to work "X" into ...

32-Year-Old Palmer Dipnetter Found Guilty Of Chitina King Salmon Violation

Wildlife Troopers Found Two Kings In Possession, Instead Of Bag Limit Of Only One  Location:   Copper River Type:  Over limit Chinook Salmon...

Anchorage Man Found Guilty Of Taking Sub-Legal Dall Sheep In Wrangells

40-Year-Old Fined $1,600 & Forfeits Horns, Meat & Cape  Location:   Glennallen Type:  Sub-legal Sheep Dispatch Text: On 9/7/22, Shaw...

Wednesday, July 26th, Emergency Notice: Feds Shut Down Unit 13 Nelchina Caribou Season Due To Herd Decline

  Federal Subsistence Board Completely Closes  Unit 13  Fall Caribou Season   The Federal Subsistence Board (Board) approved WSA23-01/03 to...

The Wayback Machine: Volunteer Firefighters See Drastic Drop in Numbers Across Alaska

AFTER DECADES OF LOTS OF VOLUNTEERS... Number Of Alaskan Volunteer Firefighters Has Been Cut In Half Over Past Ten Years Statewide  Rate Of ...

51-Year Old Oregon Man Apprehended Near Gulkana On The Rich; Arrested By Troopers

Troopers Say Man Accused Of DUI & Misconduct With A Weapon After REDDI Report Near Mile 126  Location:   Glennallen  Type: DUI, MIW 4th....

Anchorage Mayor Offers Plane Rides To Homeless People

Ticket To Ride  If The Mayor Has His Way, Homeless People In Anchorage Could Be Offered A One-Way Ticket Out Of Town      The city of Anchor...

Dumb & Dumber. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Gets Stupider By The Minute

Don't Know Much About History, Don't Know Much Biology. Don't Know What A Slide Rule Is For... Don't Know Much About Nothing...

Emergency Medical Services In Rural America, Where People Are Older, Sicker, Poorer... And More Isolated

  EMS Services in Rural America: Challenges and Opportunities  Nikki King, MHSA, Marcus Pigman, MHA, Sarah Huling, BS- ARRT, ARDMS, and Bria...

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