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The SBA's EIDL 30 Year Loan Application Looks Exactly Like Spam

If You Applied For And Received An EIDL Loan The SBA May Offer You A Larger 30 Year Loan  COUNTRY JOURNAL BUSINESS ALERT Open that...

"Multiple" Copper Valley Residents Medevaced, Hospitalized With COVID-19

CRNA Tests Around 40 to 100 People In A Single Day: Two "Testing Teams" Handle The Heavy Workload  Medevac Helicopters. (Photo...

Looking For CBS Channel 11? Gotta Tune To Channel 5

Georgia Company Takes Over KTVA... And KTUU  CBS Channel 11 Moves To Channel 5  KTVA Programming Has Moved To Channel 5. (Photo, Mon...

Southcentral Foundation CEO Will Be Stepping Down After 29 Years

Katherine Gottlieb, Head Of Southcentral Foundation, Brought Down By Scandal Southcentral Foundation. (Photo, Southcentral Website) T...

Getting Ready For Winter? All You Need Is 50 Cans Of Urethane Foam

Foam-Insulated Bus At Gakona Junction. (File Photo, Country Journal) Staying Warm In Your Alaska Abode Cabins in Alaska are made of sp...

Tom Duck & Harry: A Comic Strip By David Mudrick

Tom Duck & Harry Editor's Note: David Mudrick and his wife Pat are longtime friends from Junior High. They came to Alaska...

Canada Threatens $750,000 Fine For Travelers Who Stop At Their National Parks Headed To Alaska

Mush You Huskies. Stay Moving Along The ALCAN! Canada's Banff National Park Is One Detour Canadian Authorities Are Not Tolerating Th...

What You Need For A Covid-19 Stay-At-Home Emergency Kit

 Keeping Things On Hand In Case You Have Coronavirus   The Country Journal asked CRNA for some help in figuring out what people need hand...

On The Grid: Talk Of New Railroad Line Linking Alaska To Lower 48

  Proposed New Railroad Line to Alberta from Fairbanks-North Pole. Finally. A proposed railroad, funded by private investors, has the ...

How Larry Sine Pulled An Entire Family Out Of Lake Louise At Trigg Island

Lake Louise. (Photo, Lake Louise Lodge) One-Man Rescue Squad  Copyrighted By Northcountry Communications, Inc. of Gakona, Alas...

MONDAY, August 3rd Update: 80 New Cases And Another Death

Outbreak In Rural Alaska Continues Anchorage hospitals have become alarmed that a wave of hospitalizations will follow in the upcom...

Black Spruce Of The Copper Valley: The "Dr. Seuss" Tree

Black Spruce Near Eureka On The Glenn Highway. (Photo, Country Journal) Few movies about Alaska are actually filmed here. So when peo...

From Russia, With Love: Roll Out Those Lazy, Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer!

SIBERIAN WILDFIRES SEND HAZE & SMOKE TO THE COPPER VALLEY A relatively cool and rainy summer has seemingly left much of roadside Ala...

Reality Check: Hollywood Just Didn't Get It About The Gold Rush

Movie Poster At A Fairbanks Museum. (Photo, Country Journal) The 1898 Gold Rush: Where The Only Heavy Breathing On The Trail Was Due To...

Hauling Water: Part Of Everyday Life In The Copper Valley

Tazlina Has Good Water. Hundreds Of People Have Come There Over The Years To Haul It Back Home In Their Trucks & Cars  Kevin Mondor ...

Fred Rungee: Firefighter, Cabin Builder, Friend & Giver Of Ice Cream

Respected, Hard Working, Funny, Talented... Fred Rungee Was One Of A Kind Fred Rungee, Master Firefighter, Woodsman, Friend To All – And...

Local Correspondence Study Program Is Seeing Increase In Students

Upstream Learning Expects Up To 150 Homeschool Students, Around 40 More Than Last Fall Homeschooling is increasingly popular. (Photo, Wi...

Historic Essay: No, Alaska Isn't Safe From Disease Due To Our Isolation

Alaska Has A Grim & Brutal History Of Disease. But Still, Life Goes On Alaska's modern history isn't that lengthy. But epide...

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The SBA's EIDL 30 Year Loan Application Looks Exactly Like Spam

Alaska Life

Alaska Life
Get Out The Urethane Foam. Winter's On Its Way.

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Lindsey Viersen with track medals at Jesse Owens Arco competition in Valdez. June, 1992

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