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New Safety Deposit Boxes For Large Packages At Gakona, Glennallen Post Offices

 Two Local Post Offices Now Have Safety Deposit Locker Services  Locker in Gakona Post Office. (Photo, Country Journal) Postal users in Gako...

Every U.S. Household Eligible For 4 Free Covid Test Kits: Here's How To Order

 Here's How To Order Your Free In-Home Fast Covid Tests For Your Family   CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR TESTS 

Troopers: Driving An ATV To Knik Glacier Leads To Rescue Coordination Center Response

Eagle River Man Gets Stuck In Snow; Unable To Dig Out As Gear Begins To Freeze  Location:   Knik Glacier   Type:   Search and Rescue  Dispat...

Rumbling Sounds Startle Alaskans At 3:30 am: They Came From A Volcano In The South Pacific, 6,000 Miles Away

Far-Away Tonga & Alaska Are Both In "That Burning Ring Of Fire" Volcanic rock on the island atoll of Ono-i-Lau, Fiji. Once kno...

Getting Help When Stranded On Your Snowmachine: Take Your Cell Phone

Man In Trapper Creek Gets Stuck In Deep Snow With No Survival Gear, But Is Rescued When Calls For Help  Location:   Trapper Creek  Type:   S...

Local Covid Counts Jump In Past Week... As Omicron Hits Copper Valley

National & Alaskan Trends All Show Far More Covid With Omicron Variant In Play  33 New Known Cases Here In A Week. 5,508 New Known Alask...

Copper Basin 300 Sled Dog Race: This Year's 2022 Race Results

Tough Race! Only 13 Mushers Finished  Race Finishers From CB 300 Web Site Brent Sass won the Copper Basin 300 this year of 2022.  Joar Ulsom...

Fairbanks Man Arrested For Threatening To Kill Judge & Law Enforcement, Troopers Say

Man Uploaded "Terroristic" Videos To Social Media In Early January, Say Troopers   Location:   Fairbanks Type:  Warrant Arrest / S...

Dr. Rebekah Robinson Leaves CRNA. New Medical Director Steps In At Tazlina Facility

Dr. Rebekah Robinson Is Leaving CRNA After Years Of Service To Community  Dr. Rebekah Robinson (Photo, CRNA)  The Copper Valley's doctor...

Glennallen School Says Cell Phone Use Is Out Of Control; Students Can Be Suspended For Violations

Don't Text While Driving –  Or While You're In Math Class  NOTE FROM GLENNALLEN HIGH  Parents we need your help!!! Faculty and Staff...

CRNA Doctor Says To Take Vaccine & Boosters As We Wait For New Meds To Battle Omicron

New Omicron Variant Can Be Battled By Monoclonal Antibody Infusions & A Pill  . ..But These Won't Be Available For One Or Two Months...

Finally, A Trial. Sophie Sergie Was Killed In A Fairbanks Dorm in 1993

"Cold Case" Forensics & DNA Test Led To A Former Student As A Suspect, Now Living In Maine  UAF Campus (Photo, UAF website)  S...

CB 300: Brent Sass Wins. Eleven Others Have Finished. Two More On The Way To Finish Line.

COPPER BASIN 300  Brent Sass Finishes In First Place And Wins The 2022 Copper Basin 300 Glennallen, Tolsona, Lake Louise, Sourdough, Meiers ...

Colorado Man Arrested, Charged With DUI & Weapons Misconduct in Glennallen, Troopers Say

Troopers Responded To REDDI Report Near Mile 186 Of Glenn Highway  Location:   Glennallen   Type:   DUI Refusal / Misconduct Involving Weapo...

Copper Basin 300: Why Nicolas Petit Withdrew From 2022 Race

 Nic Petit, A Favorite To Win The Copper Basin 300,  Never Got To The Starting Line After His Truck Froze Up In The Cold Weather  Musher Nic...

511 Copper Valley: Snow, Rain, Freezing Rain Possible On Friday & Friday Night

Winter Storm Watch Worst Conditions likely near Mccarthy FRIDAY, JANUARY 21st, 2022 Copper Valley Warmup. With Southeast Winds. Will Create ...

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Into The Home Stretch

Copper Basin 300: Why Nicolas Petit Withdrew From 2022 Race

Too Far North With David Mudrick

Too Far North With David Mudrick

Frostbite On The Upper Richardson

Frostbite On The Upper Richardson
Winter Tales Of The Highway


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