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Time To Sign Up For Your Subsistence Fishing Permit On The Upper Copper

  (Copper River salmon, courtesy Neil Hannan)  Federal Subsistence Fishing in the Upper Copper River Opens May 15   Permit Requests Accepted...

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Copper Valley Road Projects This Summer

    Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities · Northern Region · 2021 Construction Project Facts   CHECK OUT THE NEW DOT...

Fighting Back: Nunivak Island Health Aides Hit 100% Vaccination Goal

  Nunivak Island's People Show Their Strength Of Culture By Vaccinating Every Single Adult In Village Of Mekoryuk  Nunivak woman, photog...

National Snapshot April 18th

Snapshot America  56 Million Americans Are Now Fully Vaccinated And Dr. Fauci Says Surge In Vaccinations Will Keep 4th Wave Much Lower Than ...

Alaska Snapshot: Friday, April 16th - Dunleavy Announces Vaccinations Will Be Given Free To Tourists At Airports

Snapshot Alaska Anchorage, Ketchikan, Fairbanks and Juneau Airports Will Offer Free Vaccines To  Visitors Governor Announces Sweeping Init...

Too Far North: David Mudrick

Too Far North: David Mudrick
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After 1st Quarter 14-5 Lead...

After 1st Quarter 14-5 Lead...
Panther Girls Beat Selawik, 43 - 22

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Click Here For NOAA Weather

Click Here For NOAA Weather
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