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Wayback With The Journal: 1995 Was A Very Bad Year For Alaska's Budget

COUNTRY JOURNAL ARCHIVES  Alaska Has Had Budget Troubles For Many Years  This Was Spring Of 1995... 

"Nothing Is Certain" For Public School Funding; Rural Schools Risk Losing Internet Funds, City Schools Closing

  Alaska public school funding bill is in limbo after failed vote Legislators are planning to negotiate and could revote as soon as Tuesday ...

Remembering Troopers Killed In Line Of Duty With Family Ties To Copper Valley

Dennis Cronin's Badge Of Honor At The Anchorage Trooper Offices – The First Of Many Mounted On The Wall, Including One For Bruce Heck (B...

Snowmachiner Killed In Rear-End Collision On Denali Highway, Say Troopers

Denali Highway Is Not Maintained In Winter  DOT Cautions People Not To Use Road – But Many Do Anyway  Notice on Denali Highway, Cantwell End...

Cross Road Asks You To Contact State Legislators For Help Funding Ambulances

HARD TIMES FOR EMERGENCY SERVICES  State Extends Funding Of Copper Valley EMS  Services From April To June 30th  BUT..."There Will Be N...

Wayback: How The Copper Valley Used To Raise Money For EMS


Relief Funds For Alaskan Homeless Kids Not Spent

School Districts Are Dropping The Ball  Wikipedia  Homeless Children's Assistance Was Budgeted But Isn't Being Spent By Alaska's...

Sign Up For Your PFD: It's Almost Spring


News Clips: Elizabeth Peratrovich, Alfred Widmark & The Copper Valley

FOOTSTEPS  February 16th Is Elizabeth Peratrovich Day  Elizabeth Peratrovich  Celebrating Non-Discrimination  Another Great Early Leader, Al...

Active Shooter Drill, Glennallen School On Wednesday, February 21st

 Notice From School District 

Joeneal Hicks Of Mentasta

    Joeneal Ryan Hicks  Born November 7, 1958  Went Home to the Lord January 19, 2024  Eulogy  Beloved Father, Brother, Uncle, and Grandp...

DOT Wants To Go Full Military, From Snow Canons To Avalanche-Busting Drones

 Currently Snow Canons Are Used To Blast Potential Avalanches At Thompson Pass  February, 2024  Photo: Neil Hannan  When you drive through T...

Thousands Of Jobs, Billions Of Highway Dollars At Risk As Feds Reject Alaskan Transportation Plan

Alaska Beacon Story On February 14th Says  Billions Of Road Construction Dollars At Risk.   "It Isn't Just One Area"   Photo: ...

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