The Trooper Report

The Alaska Trooper Report will be a regular feature of the Copper River Country Journal. Postings will be taken from the Alaska State Troope...

Fur Rondy Sled Dog Race & "Running Of The Reindeer" Scratched This Year

Race Events Ditched To Reduce Crowd Sizes    Yup. Now THAT's not "social distancing!" (Journal file photo) The decades-old Wor...

Historic Interviews For Heritage Month: Ben Neeley, Eileen Ewan & Jim McKinley Recall Their Youth

 COUNTRY JOURNAL HISTORIC INTERVIEWS GULKANA VILLAGE Ben Neeley Recalls His Dog Teams In The Old Days "I was young and tough" Ben ...

Back To The Basics: Elders Talk About Getting Water In The Copper River Valley

COUNTRY JOURNAL HISTORIC INTERVIEWS   WATER, WATER...   Workers post in front of new 100,000 gallon village water storage tank at Gulkana Vi...

Lena Charley Of Chistochina: Sweetheart Of Alaska's Trails

  Lena Charley at Summit Lake checkpoint on the Copper Basin 300 (Journal file photo)  COPPER RIVER COUNTRY JOURNAL Separating The Men From ...

Students at Glennallen Dissect Worms & Crayfish

Students Of High School Biology Teacher Angelica Brown Get Down & Dirty Photos By Jason Williams, GHS Principal      Teacher Angelica B...

Got Two Years Of College? Wrangell-St. Elias Looking For A Volunteer Coordinator This Summer

Wrangell-St. Elias Cultural Display (Journal file photo)

Native American From The Kaw Tribe Of Kansas Was Vice President Of The U.S.A.

Charles Curtis (Wikipedia) Charles Curtis Grew Up On The Kaw Reservation Of Kansas  Kaw Nation Website Entry Page Over 90 years ago, a Nativ...

Native Heritage Month Brings Back Memories Of Ahtna Elders

COPPER RIVER COUNTRY JOURNAL Celebrating Past Ahtna Village Elders The Country Journal presents portraits of Ahtna elders.   CANTWELL VILLAG...

Chapter 1: Rose Is Medevaced To Anchorage After Falling Down The Stairs

COUNTRY JOURNAL Fighting COVID-19 In The Copper Valley Rose & Lonnie in younger days. (File Photo, Country Journal) Rose & Lonnie  F...

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