Morrie Secondchief, Ahtna Leader, Talked About Her Neighbors Helping Her: "I Know That They're There"

  Roy Tansy of Cantwell with Morrie Secondchief at a Potlatch . (Photo, Copper River Country Journal) Morrie S econdchief Thanks He...

Roy Tansy of Cantwell with Morrie Secondchief at a Potlatch. (Photo, Copper River Country Journal)

Morrie Secondchief Thanks Her Neighbors 

In a 1993 story in the Copper River Country Journal, Morrie Secondchief of Mendeltna thanked her neighbors for their extraordinary thoughtfulness. She said:

People helping each other is really good. My neighbors around, they take turns taking care of me, every other day. When I'm sick, they bring food. When I'm okay, I say “Don't bring me no food.” I can hardly eat it. When I need something they take me down to Glennallen to get something. They're my neighbors.

I'm 83 years old.  I wish all the people would do like that, care for one another. If we care for one another like that, we may live a little longer. They ask me, “If you need anything, just call call us.”

I don't call sometimes. I don't want to bother them. I know that they're there, that they can come down as soon as I call them. They wash my clothes, too. They take turns.

Morrie Secondchief, Mendeltna.


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