It's Not Just Seward That's Scrapping The 4th Of July

A Fairbanks event in 2018. (File photo, Country Journal)   TOWNS ALL OVER ALASKA ARE HOLDING BACK ON THE 4TH OF JULY FOR SAFETY REASO...

Department Of Total Fantasy. Doncha Wish? Glennallen & Valdez As You'll Never See Us. Ever.

There's Glennallen, Alaska. And Then, There's The Faux Version On Your Cell Phone, Where Joyful Neighbors Cry Into Brown Paper Towe...

The First 4th Of July In The Copper River Valley

BEAT THE PAN LOUDLY! How The 4th Of July Arrived In The Wilds Of Alaska Doc Billum. (Historic photo)  Exactly 122 years ago, in th...

New - Weekly Alaska Data Summary Monday, June 30th

The State Of Alaska has released a new  weekly report.  This data summary covers COVID-19 in Alaska from Friday, June 19th through Thurs...

Copper River Native Association Tests Find Two Positive Cases Of Covid-19

  As 4th of July Approaches & Cases Soar Nationwide, Coronavirus Enters The Copper River Valley. Other Covid-Positive Patients Have...

Native American Villages Are At Real Risk Of Infection

  "Help Protect Our Elders" Barricade at Gulkana Village Entrance. (Photo, May 10th, 2020 by Country Journal) Residents of a...

You Are The Solution – It Is Up To Us As Individuals.

Houston Doctor Warns: Don't Look To The Government To Solve This. The Doctor's Advice: Take simple steps. Use m...

Alaska Marine Highway Steps Up To Reduce Coronavirus On Board


June 29th Is Kickoff Day For New Alaska Jobs Site On The Web

New Alaska Job Site On The Web For People Wanting Work In Alaska COMING JUNE 29TH! ALASKA JOBS SITE A new job data base offering a wi...

University of Alaska Cuts 39 Key Academic Departments

Entrance to University of Alaska College Campus in Anchorage. (Photo, Wikipedia) The University of Alaska was already facing serious cut...

Oil Began Flowing Through The Pipeline 43 Years Ago On June 20th

It was a big day, that summer solstice of 1977. On June 20th, crude oil began to rumble through the pipe that paralleled the Richardson ...

150 Cannery Workers Headed For Naknek Quarantined

From the Los Angeles Times & Anchorage Daily News: 150 Workers Headed For Naknek Were Quarantined After Three Found Positive. Ar...

Chinese Discover Covid-19 On Salmon-Cutting Table In Beijing Market

Salmon For Sale In Anchorage. (Photo, Copper River Country Journal)  COVID-Contaminated Salmon Triggers Fears In China The Chines...

Anchorage Tries For New "Space Command" Headquarters

Anchorage tried to get the Olympics in 1992 and 1994 and failed. It tried for the Olympics in 2026. But now Alaska's largest town i...

Gulkana Village Offers Temporary Help For Water Utility Bills

Gulkana Offers Free Month's Worth Of Water For Every Month's Timely Payment Of Water Bill The village of Gulkana is offering a f...

Wayback With The Copper River Country Journal: Archive Photos

Photos From The Copper River Country Journal Archives (Copyright © 1986-2020)    Adrian Ewan on the Baseball Field. 1990 NBA Branc...

Whoops! State Shaves $8 Off The PFD Check

Governor Mike Dunleavy has announced the Permanent Fund Dividend Division will begin distribution of the 2020 Permanent Fund Dividends ...

Gulkana Village Gets Back Its Old Cemetery From The State

Roy Ewan of Gulkana. (Photo, Copper River Country Journal) Historic Cemetery Returns To Gulkana Ownership After decades of asking, Gu...

Historic Unemployment Claims In Alaska During April

"Free Coffee & Doughnuts For The Unemployed" (Photo in Chicago, 1931) To show how kind and generous he was the Chicago mo...

53,000 Acre Burn Planned In Alphabet Hills North Of Lake Louise

  Firefighters from outside of Alaska on the Parks Highway last summer. (Photo, Country Journal)  ALPHABET HILLS FIRE PLANNED THIS SU...

Copper River Salmon Run Doesn't Look Strong, Cordova Reports

Cordova Fishermen Report "Weak" Copper River Salmon Run   Fresh Cordova Salmon For Sale In An Anchorage Specialty Store. (Pho...

Chitina DOT Station ReOpens

Chitina DOT Station ReOpens
CARES Grant For Snow Plowing

Click Here

Good News For Local Elders

State Says Those 65 And Older Can Receive Vaccinations. Call CRNA Today


2021 Comes In With A Bang

2021 Comes In With A Bang
Winter In Alaska

Too Far North: David Mudrick

Too Far North: David Mudrick
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