High Waters & Flooding On The Tazlina

Darn That Ice Dam!  July 31, 2021: The National Weather Service has put out a warning that the ice dam up the river from Tazlina has broken ...

CRNA Issues A Staggering Report: At Least 50 New Cases In Copper Valley Over Past 3 Weeks

Report: At Least 50 Have Gotten Covid In Last Three Weeks  Minimum Of 18 Locals Got Covid In Past Week  As the new Delta variant of Covid ra...

Watch Out. The New Delta Variant Is A Whole New Ball Game – Full Of Curve & Spit Balls

Doctors Warn Delta Variant Easier To Catch Than The Common Cold  One Sick Person Can Infect Up To Eight Others  Doctors Urge Masking & V...

Local Roadwork In The Copper River Valley: DOT Status Report, July 30th, 2021

 Here's The Most Recent Rundown Of The Status Of DOT Roadwork Granite rock mimics appearance of snow at Hogan Hill road project. (File p...

Biggest Quake Since 1964 Triggers Evacuations On Alaska Coast. Tsunami Warning Called Off

Alaska Just Dodged The Tsunami Bullet. But That Doesn't Mean It Can't Happen Again A few "historic" signs are all that'...

Copper Valley Named As A Covid Hot Spot In Official Alaska Health Reports: July 28, 2021

Wrangell Mountains of the Copper Valley. (File photo, Country Journal)   State Recommends That Everybody Switch To Wearing Masks In "In...

Be Careful With Chain Saws, Driving, Boating... And Covid. Governor Dunleavy Urges Safety This Summer

  Drive Carefully, Wear Goggles While Chainsawing, Use A Life Jacket, Put Out Your Campfire... & Get A Shot, Governor Says  Governor Dun...

Reversing Course, Vaccinated People Advised To Wear Masks Indoors

Masks Are Back. New Strain Is So Strong That Unvaccinated People Are Infecting Those Who Took The Vaccin e  Delta Variant Is Causing Infecti...

The Rest Of Alaska "Spiked" In November. The Copper Valley Is Spiking Right Now, In July

COVID COMES TO VISIT — AS MOST OF THE STATE TURNS A DANGEROUS RED  All graphs, July 27th, 2021. (Department of Health & Social Services)...

Did You Lose A Firearm At The Lions Head Trailhead? Call The Troopers

Troopers: Weapon Found At Lions Head On The Trailhead Lions Head On The Glenn Highway. (File Photo, Country Journal)  Call To Reclaim  TROOP...

Tough Enough: 17-Year Old Seward Girl Wins Olympic Gold Medal After Practicing In Frosty Resurrection Bay

Resurrection Bay in summer. (File Photo, Copper River Country Journal)   First Alaskan Swimmer To Medal In Olympics  Unable to swim in the c...

Smoke From Fire Visible On Tok Cutoff: Black Hills Fire Blazes Through Black Spruce Thickets In Tetlin Refuge

A growing fire in Tetlin Wildlife Refuge is billowing smoke that can be seen from nearby roads – including the Tok Cutoff. The fire is 56 mi...

How To Tell If You Might Have Covid-19 (And What To Do Next) – From Alaska's Health Department

Information About Covid Symptoms, Testing & What To Do Next  ...From Alaska's Department of Health & Social Services (DHSS ) If ...

CRNA Warns Public: There's Limited Covid Testing Capacity In The Region

   "We Are Currently Not Able To Immediately Test Everyone..." "We Encourage High-Risk Individuals & Elders To Immediatel...

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Too Far North With David Mudrick

Too Far North With David Mudrick

Frostbite On The Upper Richardson

Frostbite On The Upper Richardson
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