Alaska's A Global Hotspot For Landslides, Including Haines, Wrangell, Denali Park, Juneau & Long Lake Hill

  Deadly Wrangell landslide is part of a pattern in vulnerable Alaska mountainous terrain Scientists warn that climate change, by increasing...

McCarthy Road "Planning & Developmental Linkages" Study Begins

  McCarthy Road PEL Study Begins   Federal Highway Administration - Western Federal Lands (WFL) Highway Division, in partnership with the Al...

Ed Gerrue, One Of The Last Of The Kenny Lake Homesteaders, Lived On The Old Edgerton

 Ed Gerrue (1931-2023)  Kenny Lake, Alaska  Ed Gerrue  July 18, 1931 - October 23, 2023 True Alaskan sourdough Edwin L Gerrue, born July 18t...

The First Copper Valley Thanksgiving During The 1898 Gold Rush. Food & Friendship In Hard Times

Wayback In Copper Valley History: The Ahtna People, Gold Miners & Thanksgiving  Thanksgiving Week, 2023 As the short November days desce...

U.S. Military Wants To Put Remains Of Nuclear Plant In Delta Landfill

NOVEMBER 22, 2023  In February, 2022, as Copper Valley Electric announced it was exploring the idea of putting a miniature nuclear power pla...

Canadian Miner Tells Alaska Group: It's Cheaper In Africa

Minimum Wage In Mauritania, Africa: $87/month  Alaska Beacon Reports:  Canadian Executive Gripes About Alaska's Utility Rates. KINROSS G...

Driver Miraculously Survives Crashing Through Guardrail Onto Glenn From Muldoon Overpass

20-Year Old Ford Pickup Lands On Its Back  Pickup Fell To Glenn Highway After Crashing Through This Guardrail On Muldoon Bridge. (Google Map...

Once A Friend, Always A Friend: Neeleys Visit Althea Hughes In North Carolina

  (Photo Submitted By  Dora Hughes)  It Was Practically A Family Reunion!  Roberta & Evealine Neeley of Gulkana visited longtime neighbo...

Not Ready For Prime Time: After CVEA Drops "Micro-Nuclear Reactor" Project, So Does Eielson AFB

Micro-Nuclear Reactors Are A New "Solution" To High Power Costs  CVEA's Solomon Gulch Hydro Plant In Valdez, Along With Diesel...

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