CDC Says People Over 65 Should Get Another Covid Shot This Spring

 Older People Are Still The Most Likely In America To Die Of Covid  The CDC says that people who are 65 and older who have already had their...

Video Of Joseph Rodgers, Alaska High Kicker, Has Seen 2 Million Views, Says His Mom

Report On Joseph Rodgers' Recent Successes At Junior Native Youth Olympics State Competition  2 Million Views On Games' Facebook Pag...

16-Year Old Apprehended In Point Hope Slayings Of Two

 16-Year Old Boy Charged With Killing Two,   Wounding Two Others, Say Borough Police  North Slope Borough Police are charging a 16-year old,...

Smokey Carry Of Gakona: Passed Away February 15th, 2024

Celebration Of Life To Be Held This Summer  Smokey Carry  Smokey Carry passed away February 15, 2024, following a catastrophic hemorrhagic s...

Convoys To Come Through Glennallen On Way From Greely To JBER Over Next 2 Weeks

CONVOY ROUTE IS 320 MILES LONG   Troopers Advise Hazards  Vehicles Are Hard To Handle & Soldiers May Have Inexperience With Winter Drivi...

The Roadhouses Of Alaska

  (Photo, Country Journal)  Real Life At The Talkeetna Roadhouse  JOURNAL MIDWINTER SPECIAL   Carroll Close at work in the Talkeetna Roadhou...

How We Leave The Land For Our Children Is Up To Us!

We Should Work Together   Opinion  Ashley Hicks, ROAR Coordinator  

This Thursday, February 29th, If You Were Born In A Leap Year You Finally Get To Have A Birthday

Finally, This Thursday, A Birthday!  If you were born on a leap year day – the 29th of February – you are way younger than the rest of us.  ...

Alaska Senate & Alaska House Vote to Increase Public School Funding Formula. Dunleavy Threatens Veto

The Alaska State Senate Passed A Comprehensive  School Package & Sent It To Governor. On Tuesday, February 27 Gov. Mike Dunleavy Threate...

Number of People Visiting Wrangell-St. Elias Has Jumped

325.5 Million Visits to National Parks in 2023 78,305 Visits to Wrangell-St. Elias  (Photo, Country Journal)  COPPER CENTER, AK –   Today, t...

Wayback With The Journal: 1995 Was A Very Bad Year For Alaska's Budget

COUNTRY JOURNAL ARCHIVES  Alaska Has Had Budget Troubles For Many Years  This Was Spring Of 1995... 

"Nothing Is Certain" For Public School Funding; Rural Schools Risk Losing Internet Funds, City Schools Closing

  Alaska public school funding bill is in limbo after failed vote Legislators are planning to negotiate and could revote as soon as Tuesday ...

Remembering Troopers Killed In Line Of Duty With Family Ties To Copper Valley

Dennis Cronin's Badge Of Honor At The Anchorage Trooper Offices – The First Of Many Mounted On The Wall, Including One For Bruce Heck (B...

Snowmachiner Killed In Rear-End Collision On Denali Highway, Say Troopers

Denali Highway Is Not Maintained In Winter  DOT Cautions People Not To Use Road – But Many Do Anyway  Notice on Denali Highway, Cantwell End...

Wayback: How The Copper Valley Used To Raise Money For EMS


Relief Funds For Alaskan Homeless Kids Not Spent

School Districts Are Dropping The Ball  Wikipedia  Homeless Children's Assistance Was Budgeted But Isn't Being Spent By Alaska's...

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