Kirk Wilson Comes To The Rescue Of A Swamped Float Plane In The Choppy Waters Of Klutina Lake

Into The Twilight Zone A Story From Rescue Me. All Rights Reserved. Tonsina Lake (Photo, Addison Powell) Death came to you so un...

Nell Ulrich Was A Volunteer Who Served The Copper Valley

  Nell Ulrich at The Chamber Visitor Center (Family Photo) Nellie (Nell) Rice was born in Bear Lake Pennsylvania on November 25th, 1...

National Park Service Puts Out New Guidelines For Kennicott Area

Kennicott Mill. (Photo, Copper River Country Journal/Bearfoot Guides) It's Gonna Be A Whole New Story In  Kennicott & McCart...

State Rules For Reopening Your Business This Spring

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW IF YOU'RE RUNNING A BUSINESS IN ALASKA Here's a link to the new mandates for business operation: ...

Glenn Highway Work At Kings River Bridge

Kings River Bridge Area To Be Rehabilitated The Department of Transportation will be working on a stretch of road on the Glenn Highwa...

When Sourdough Roadhouse Burned To The Ground

  OLD-TIMEY ROADHOUSE LOST TO A CHRISTMAS FIRE Sourdough Roadhouse: Harry Nicholai with Bud Lawson (Photo, Linda Weld) One of t...

Winter Night On Mendeltna Hill: Saving Diann Hursh

Heading North Toward Glennallen On The Glenn Highway. (Photo, Country Journal) Into The Snow On Mendeltna Hill Diann Hursh li...

Morrie Secondchief, Ahtna Leader, Talked About Her Neighbors Helping Her: "I Know That They're There"

  Roy Tansy of Cantwell with Morrie Secondchief at a Potlatch . (Photo, Copper River Country Journal) Morrie S econdchief Thanks He...

Movie Made About Kenny Sailors, Inventor Of The Basketball Jump Shot & Local Hero

Kenny Sailors Of The Copper River Valley. Today, Many Local People Know About "Sailors Pit"  In Gak ona, And E ven More Ar...

The Muddy Copper: Alice Gene Rescues Ronnie Sanford At The Fishwheel

The Copper River. (Photo, Neil Hannan)  Rescue At The Gakona Fishwheel  A Story From Rescue Me . All Rights Reserved.  It was J...

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