COVID Testers At Lake Otis In Anchorage Put Themselves On The Line For Others

The Lines At the Lake Otis Testing Sites Are Much Longer Than A Week & A Half Ago  Exhausted COVID tester at Lake Otis. Wednesday, Octob...

Hey, It's 2020. Let's Have A Hurricane In The Gulf Of Alaska!

 On Saturday, September 26th The National Weather Service Office In Anchorage Issued A Hurricane Force Wind Warning Hurricane Force Wind War...

End of An Era: "Magic Bus" Airlifted Off The Stampede Trail After Locals Get Tired Of It All

McCandless' Bus Ends Up At University of Alaska Museum  At the end of the summer of 1992, some moose hunters near Denali National Park ...

Turn Out The Lights. The Party's Over. No DOT Maintenance On Denali & McCarthy Roads Starting October 1st

Four of Alaska's major highways are not maintained during the winter. On September 24th, the Department of Transportation (DOT) announce...

Grizzly In Wrangell-St. Elias Park Kills Ohio Hunter

Park's First Known Deadly Mauling Took Place In Cottonwood Creek Drainage On Tuesday, the National Park Service said that a 22-year old ...

What's Up With The Airlines? And What Can We Expect?

Anchorage International Car Rental Section. (Photo, Copper River Country Journal) Almost 6 million travelers arrived at Ted Stevens Internat...

2021 Iditarod: The Race Is On & Here Comes Pride In The Backstretch

 In 2020, Villages On The Trail Tried To Keep Mushers At Bay To Protect Themselves  The Iditarod Sled Dog Race, which celebrates an epidemic...

Rosa Osborne, Formerly Of Glennallen, Died August 15th, 2020 At Age 93

Rosa Osborne Ran A Doll Studio & Ceramics Shop Near Glennallen When Henry Osborne built his wife a home near Glennallen, he did somethin...

Chapel On The Hill: Now Down By The Riverside...

Chapel On The Hill: Now In The Middle Of Copper Center  The historic "Chapel On The Hill" has long been a pretty little place perc...

Tell Your Friends To Watch Out For "Blessing Loom" Pyramid Scam. It'll Steal Your Money

There Ain't No "Blessings" In This Social Media Scam! A pyramid scheme called "The Blessing Loom" has been circulati...

Harry Heintz Made The Glenn Highway By Busting His Way To Caribou Creek. Then He Gave Glennallen Its Name.

It's No Wonder The Glenn Highway Has Its "Issues"– It Was Built By A Bunch Of Guys With Horses  Copyrighted By Northcountry C...

Too Far North: David Mudrick

Too Far North: David Mudrick
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After 1st Quarter 14-5 Lead...

After 1st Quarter 14-5 Lead...
Panther Girls Beat Selawik, 43 - 22

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