Kenny Lake Man Improves Life In Rural Vietnam

Neil Hannan, of Kenny Lake, has achieved some remarkable work on his personal mission to help the poor of rural Vietnam. A Vietnam War veter...

Neil Hannan, of Kenny Lake, has achieved some remarkable work on his personal mission to help the poor of rural Vietnam. A Vietnam War veteran, Neil has been to Vietnam numerous times. Working on a small but efficient budget, he has improved the lives of numerous people. Most recently, he funded the complete rebuilding of a small home.

Neil frequently writes of his work on his website. Not long ago, he managed to buy and have distributed 1,200 hand sanitizer bottles and 2,400 masks for 1,200 village families in 6 different communities.

Neil has been doing work like this for years. He works with an organization called "Hearts For Hue". On March 30th, Neil wrote on his website, the organization wrote him recently:

Hand sanitizer and face masks in rural Vietnam. (Photo, Neil Hannan)
"As you know that with a new law: if anyone go to market/ public areas without a face mask, he/she will be fined 200.000dvn (8.6USD). Therefore, we will try our best to deliver facemasks and hand sanitizers as soon as we can."

Neil wrote:

Khanh had been working with two companies to produce and supply washable (reusable) face masks and hand sanitizer for distribution to rural villages near Hue. On March 25 I inquired as to the status of his Covid:19 containment program. It was obvious from his response that immediate action was required. So, that same day $1,000 was transferred to Khanh. With those funds, 300 families in Phu Gia Commune, including our friends Ms. Hanh, Mr. Duong, and Mr. Vac, could be provided masks and sanitizer. Knowing Khanh's situation in his quest to help many villages, I transferred another $1,000. Now we're getting somewhere and doing what we do best....making a difference.

With the funds provided, Khanh swung into action immediately, initiating production, identifying the villages to receive masks and sanitizer, and coordinating delivery dates.  Thanks to your donations, 1,200 families will be helped. Here is a list of the villages:

-300 hand sanitizers/600 masks for 300  families in Phu Gia Commine, Phu Gia District

-300 hand sanitizers/600 masks for 300 families in Quang Phouc Commune, Quang Dien District
-200 hand sanitizers/400 masks for 200 families in Huong Xuan Commune, Huong Tra District 
-200 hand sanitizers/400 masks for 200 families in Quang Phu Commune, Quang Dien District
-180 hand sanitizers/360 masks for 180 families in Hue + Mr. Vac, Mr, Thuong, Ms, Hanh, Mr. Tho
 - 20 hand  sanitizers/ 40 masks for   20 families in Thuy Phu  fishing village

Khanh has set up production of washable, reusable masks, not single-use and refillable bottles of hand sanitizer.



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