Klutina Lake Road Requires Land Use Permits For Camping & Day Use Activities As Litigation Ends

  Klutina River (Photo Wikipedia)  In mid-March, the Supreme Court of the State of Alaska issued its opinion on the case involving Klutina L...


Klutina River (Photo Wikipedia) 

In mid-March, the Supreme Court of the State of Alaska issued its opinion on the case involving Klutina Lake Road, known locally as the Brenwick-Craig Road. The road enters the Richardson Highway in Copper Center. 

The decision brings to an end the long state court litigation over the Klutina Lake Road dating back to 2007. 

The 25-mile road crosses Ahtna land. Klutina Lake was an historic site that was used by local Ahtna people as a family hunting area. The lake was frequently mentioned by well-known elders such as Ruth Johns, who walked there with her parents on hunting and berry-gathering expeditions decades ago, before statehood. 

The road to Klutina Lake is now known as the "Brenwick-Craig Road' in honor of the combined Brenwick and Craig families of elder Lucille Craig Brenwick. 

Ahtna, Incorporated said on March 23rd it was pleased that the Court affirmed that only ingress and egress is allowed along the right of way. Ahtna said the State exceeded its rights when it cleared a 100-foot width along the right-of-way. 

Ahtna also said recently it was disappointed that the Court rejected its aboriginal title defenses to pre-Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) land claims – pointing out that the Ahtna Athabascan people have used and occupied the land for thousands of years.

The ruling affirmed that any activity (other than traveling from one place to another) on the Klutina Lake Road and the adjoining private lands owned by Ahtna requires a land use permit. 

Ahtna land use permits are available at www.ahtna.com/land-permits for overnight camping and day use activities such as parking, fishing and boat launching. An Ahtna Region land app is available for download that clearly shows property boundaries and public and private land ownership in the area to help visitors plan accordingly.


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