Talking To Those To Come, Markle Ewan Explained Why You Need An Education

University of Alaska Website (UAF) Sixty Years Ago, Markle Ewan Of Gulkana Village Discussed The Value Of Education  He Said: The World Is G...

University of Alaska Website (UAF)

Sixty Years Ago, Markle Ewan Of Gulkana Village Discussed The Value Of Education 

He Said: The World Is Growing So Fast... Parents, Help Your Children To Obtain An Education  

By Markle Ewan
(Presented as an editorial in the Tundra Times, 1963) 

One of the greatest needs in Alaska is the encouragement of education.

As for myself, I have only gotten a third grade education and in the past twenty years I have many times regretted that I did not have more education.

Many times good jobs and business opportunities have passed me by because of my lack of education. As you know, education cannot be bought, but you can consume it by taking more and more time.

I am chairman of the Education Committee of the Alaska Native Brotherhood, Camp No. 31, Copper River Valley, and would like to urge parents to help their children in every way possible to obtain an education and students to try their hardest to study and to learn.

The world is growing so fast that we people of Alaska cannot live as we did 40 years ago. Those ways today are obsolete. 

We the native people of Alaska, have changed our ways of living to match the other people of Alaska. Today, one must be a technician of some kind, a diploma is needed.

If a child does not acquire an education, he will regret it for the rest of his life. 

We as parents must help our children acquire an education. You may ask, "How?" Well, we can start by teaching our children good behavior and getting the right tools of education.

If a child is not encouraged, he may not want to enter school at the right time, or a child if he is not encouraged may lose interest and drop out of school. I sincerely hope the people of this state will take the time to encourage the students of today who will become the adult citizens of tomorrow. 

The Walter Charley Memorial Scholarship application period for the Spring Semester of 2022 is now open for Ahtna students. 


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