Tsunami Warning Tuesday Night For Southern Coast Of Alaska Canceled

 WEDNESDAY, JULY 22  TSUNAMI WARNING CANCELLED  7.8 Magnitude Earthquake Generates Tsunami Warning For Alaska Peninsula & Southern...


7.8 Magnitude Earthquake Generates Tsunami Warning For Alaska Peninsula & Southern Coast Of Alaska

The Large Earthquake Was 75 Miles Southwest Of Chignik At 10:13 PM

A tsunami warning to move to higher ground included communities in Kodiak, Sand Point, Adak, Unalaska and Seward. The tsunami was expected to arrive in Seward at about 12:30 AM, July 22nd.

Twitter feeds, just after 11pm, indicated that Kodiak and the Homer Spit were being evacuated and "tsunami sirens are blaring".

In the early hours of Wednesday the warning was canceled after only a small wave appeared at Sand Point and it seemed that no wave had been generated from the earthquake or its aftershocks.

The UAF Earthquake Center in Fairbanks reported "strong shaking has been reported from Perryville and Sand Point to King Cove and Cold Bay. Weak shaking was felt more than 500 miles away in the MatSu and Anchorage areas."

It added that "tonight’s earthquake released roughly 15 times more energy than the Anchorage (2018) earthquake."

The UAF report concludes that:
"Tonight’s earthquake occurred for well-understood reasons. As the Pacific Tectonic Plate creeps northward at a couple of inches per year it is slowly forced beneath the North American Plate. These plates typically lock together and rupture on occasion in large earthquakes such as this. When an earthquake occurs, it ruptures a ‘patch’ of this fault that can be 10s to 100s of miles long. Early evidence suggests that this earthquake ruptured a patch that is up to 100 miles or so in length."


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