Alaska Homeschools: Don't Want To Send The Kids To School? That's Okay. Here Are Two Excellent Options

Homeschools That Will Give Your Kids The Valid, Uninterrupted Education They Need If you have medical or disruption concerns about hav...

Homeschools That Will Give Your Kids The Valid, Uninterrupted Education They Need

If you have medical or disruption concerns about having your kids go to school physically this year, there are other options. Homeschooling is far more sophisticated nowadays than it used to be, and there are legitimate, accredited Alaskan-based homeschool (or "correspondence study") systems that are specifically made for teaching kids in their homes. 

One of the values of enrolling a student into an actual Alaskan-based correspondence study program from the start is its predictability at this difficult time. Schooling will go on uninterrupted when a child is in correspondence -- no matter what happens medically within the classrooms. Please note that there are many other homeschools available. These two just happen to actually be in Alaska.

Here's a look at two possible correspondence study options that are tailored specifically to Alaskan students:  

1. Upstream Learning

Operated by CRSD. Call 822-8526

The Copper River School District has over 111 students enrolled in a regular correspondence school program. This is a successful and popular option that is taken advantage of by local people – not just during Covid-19.

Here's a link to the Upstream Learning Facebook site:

You might find it comforting to deal with local people in this correspondence program, which is totally accepted as a "real school". To see some local students who graduated from this program last year, check out their personal stories and graduation photos on this site:

2. Idea Homeschool

Operated in Alaska. Call 877-582-4332

Alaska's largest homeschool program, this school offers up to $2,400 for educational funding needs, help with out-of-pocket school expenses, field reps, computer technicians and other major services.

See Their Site:

3. Complete List Of In-State Homeschools

Operated in Alaska. Check the State Department of Education Website

The two programs shown above are only some of the seventeen programs sanctioned by the Alaska Department of Education that are available statewide.

Please look at the official list from the State website:


Schools 4803398699035042576

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