Local Woman, Jody Potts, Discloses Reason For Byron Mallott's Resignation

Jody Potts, a young woman who grew up in Eagle – and later, Copper Center – has suddenly emerged as a major character in a political mystery...

Jody Potts, a young woman who grew up in Eagle – and later, Copper Center – has suddenly emerged as a major character in a political mystery that took place in October, 2018. 

Two years ago, she said 75 year old Lt. Governor Byron Mallott called Jody to his hotel room at the Captain Cook for a "meeting" with Governor Bill Walker and himself. The meeting was a ploy. Instead, the respected official (considered a revered elder) had unexpectedly tried to hit on Jody Potts, who was 35 years younger than him, telling her how attractive she was, she recounted later. 

She left the room, and soon after, Mallott was coerced to resign. It was right before the election for governor, and Bill Walker immediately lost the race to Mike Dunleavy.

The reason Mallott left his post, apparently in disgrace, was not known for years.  Although it was clear that Mallott had somehow either insulted or propositioned an unknown woman, the details were not known to the public until now after Jody Potts spoke up in early September, 2020 in an Anchorage Daily News story:


Jody Potts attended Glennallen High School. Her father, Mike Potts, was pastor at Copper Center Chapel. Her mother, Adeline Potts, is a Native artist and the voice of "Auntie Midge" in the popular national Alaska-themed PBS TV show, "Molly of Denali." When young, both her parents were featured in a world-famous book about the complex and difficult world of Eagle, a northern Yukon River community.  The book is called "Coming Into The Country" and was written by John McPhee.

 Jody spent some time in the Copper Valley serving as a Village Public Safety Officer.


Teenaged Jody Potts in July, 1998, on the CRNA/Ahtna award-winning 4th of July float. (File Photo, Copper River Country Journal)



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