Glenda Ewan, 81 Year Old Matriarch Of Gulkana Village, Passes Away September 5th

Glenda Ewan. (File Photos, Country Journal)  (Gronia) Glenda Ewan Gronia Glenda Ewan of Gulkana Village died on September 5th,  2020 of natu...

Glenda Ewan. (File Photos, Country Journal)

 (Gronia) Glenda Ewan

Gronia Glenda Ewan of Gulkana Village died on September 5th,  2020 of natural causes. Glenda Ewan was the widow of the late Ahtna leader Roy Ewan, who passed away in February, 2018.

The daughter of Mary Gene (who was Buster Gene's sister) and Tom Neeley, Glenda Ewan was half sister to Ahtna Traditional Chief Ben Neeley. As a child, she lived near the Gulkana River at Mile 141 of the Richardson, 5 miles south of Sourdough.

She married her husband, Roy, in 1957. The couple built their log cabin, at the entrance to Gulkana Village, in 1964. They floated the logs for the building down the Gulkana River.

She was known for her strong work ethic. When Roy Ewan and Fred Ewan ran their village store, E&E Store, Glenda worked at the store. She also worked for CRNA in the elder program. And, she liked singing gospel music.

An American flag and commemorative funeral scarf at the Ewan home.

   (Photos, Shane Ewan)

Twenty-five years ago Glenda Ewan was interviewed in the Copper River Country Journal. She was asked to give young people advice.

Here's what she said:

"I suggest that teenagers go on to finish school. And leave the alcohol and drugs and smoking tobacco alone. Try to do anything educational. Whoever didn't do anything about their schooling, they're having such a hard time. To do hard work is another good thing. If I wasn't one that could work hard at everything, I think I probably would have been still doing menial jobs." 

Glenda was married to her husband for 60 years. A devoted wife, mother and grandmother, she is survived by her daughter and faithful caregiver, Jackie Ewan Johnny, and four grandchildren: Roy Shane Ewan, Adrian Ewan, Ryan Johnny and Jolenda Johnny.

There were family services at Glennallen School, and Glenda Ewan was buried at the Gulkana Village Cemetery next to her husband.  


Roy & Glenda Ewan's Gulkana home on September 14th with traditional scarves hung near the house. 
(Photo, Roy Shane Ewan) 

Bandanas commemorate Glenda Ewan's life. 
(Photo, Shane Ewan)



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