Copper Valley Medical Workers, First Responders Get Moderna Vaccine: December 22nd

CRNA Says COVID-19 Vaccine Given To Copper Valley Frontline Workers  Covid shot at CRNA December 22nd. (CRNA video) Regional "Frontline...

CRNA Says COVID-19 Vaccine Given To Copper Valley Frontline Workers 

Covid shot at CRNA December 22nd. (CRNA video)

Regional "Frontline Healthcare Workers" and Copper Valley "First Responders" have been given their initial dose of COVID-19 vaccine. The Copper River Native Association released a short video clip December 22nd, showing the vaccine being administered. 

An estimated 35,000 doses of Pfizer vaccine were said to have been slated for Alaska last week. This week, Moderna, which has just been approved by the FDA, is expected to send 26,800 doses to the state.  Frontline workers are first in line for the vaccine. 
On Wednesday, December 23rd, Jim Godin, Incident Commander of CRNA Emergency Response wrote the Country Journal the following, in response to a request for specific information about the vaccine type and what the procedure would be:
"State and National distribution systems largely dictate what vaccine we received. Currently at CRNA, that is Moderna, however it is important to understand that both Pfizer and Moderna have FDA emergency use authorization, and CRNA would administer either vaccine if it were given to us. 
"In accordance with State and National guidance on prioritizations we are administering the vaccine to healthcare workers, high risk patients (which includes qualifying elders), and eligible regional partners (i.e. first responders). 
"Going into the New Year we hope to have several hundred people vaccinated that meet these eligibility requirements. Our goal is to make the vaccine as accessible as state and national controls allow us to, which will largely be dictated by their distribution of the vaccine."
–Copper River Native Association, December 23rd, 2020


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