COVID Vaccines Are Being Distributed

GOOD NEWS   7,000 "Extra Doses" Of Vaccine Shipped To Alaska. Another Vaccine Has Been Approved For Distribution. ANCHORAGE – The ...


7,000 "Extra Doses" Of Vaccine Shipped To Alaska. Another Vaccine Has Been Approved For Distribution.

ANCHORAGE – The first shipments of vaccine arrived in Alaska Sunday night (December 13th). The vials of the medicine contained 6 or 7 doses when only 5 does per vial were expected. This had the effect of  sending 7,000 extra doses to Alaska. Meanwhile, two new therapies have arrived and already have been used to treat seriously ill patients. Also a new vaccine has been approved for distribution.

Monoclonal Antibody Therapies Were Used On Pioneer Home Residents Last Week
The new therapies are delivered by intravenous infusion and used in the early treatment of COVID-19 patients. They can reduce the severity of infection and the chance of hospitalization.

First Vaccine Shipment Has Arrived And Vaccinations Have Begun
The first shipments of COVID-19 vaccines arrived in Alaska on a UPS plane Sunday night. 

Who Will Get First Doses?
The committee unanimously determined a portion of the groups to be included in Phase 1A: 
    • Hospital-based front-line health care workers.
    • EMS and fire personnel providing medical services; 
    • Community Health Aides/Practitioners; 
    • And individuals who are required to perform vaccinations. 
How Many Doses Are In The First Shipments?
According to current federal government estimates, Alaska’s initial allocations of vaccines could include: Pfizer: 35,100 doses Moderna: 26,800 doses. This is enough to vaccinate about 62,000 people.

How Soon Will More Come To Alaska?
Regular shipments of vaccines are expected to continue throughout 2021. Distributing vaccines across Alaska is a large, coordinated effort and the timeline will change based on input from state, Tribal, federal, military and community partners. 
More Vaccinations Will Be Sent Via The Indian Health Service.
Alaska is receiving its state allocation and additional vaccine through the Indian Health Service. The federal government has allocated 11,700 doses of the initial Pfizer shipment for the Alaska Tribal Health System. Distribution methodology will be determined by the Alaska Tribal Health Caucus. 

What About The Military In Alaska?
Military service members will be vaccinated separately through a federal allocation. DHSS will provide information about when that vaccination program can be expected as soon as it becomes available. 



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