Tazlina Trading Post Planning To Rebuild After Major Fire

  (Photo, Glenn Rich Fire Department ) "Everybody Got Out. Nobody Was Hurt" The owners of the Tazlina River Trading Post, which bu...


(Photo, Glenn Rich Fire Department)

"Everybody Got Out. Nobody Was Hurt"

The owners of the Tazlina River Trading Post, which burned to the ground several days before Christmas, say they're intending to rebuild the facility.

Tazlina Trading Post was owned by the Horrell family.

Jim Horrell told the Country Journal, on January 3rd, "We're planning to rebuild right now. We're just waiting on all the insurance stuff. We don't know anything until the insurance report is all done."

The fire was a major event, and was noted throughout the state. The Tazlina River Trading Post was an important source of a wide variety of items that were unavailable elsewhere in the community, including sporting goods, food, kitchenware, toys and many other basic necessities.

The blaze drew fire crews from throughout the region. There was one bright spot: "Everybody got out," said Jim. "Nobody got hurt. That was the good part." 

He said that friends and neighbors had been supportive. "A lot of people reached out and said how sorry they were. To be honest with you, I was numb. I don't know how to describe it."

Meanwhile, the family is hanging tight. "Everything's in kind of a wait mode right now. We're planning to rebuild at the moment. Hopefully, next summer we'll be up and running." 


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