Top Doctor Says "Alaska Watchman" Stories About Vaccine Are Incorrect... & Dangerous

State's Chief Doctor Responds To Palmer Resident's Attempts To Convince Alaskans That Vaccines Are Worse Than Having The Deadly Covi...

State's Chief Doctor Responds To Palmer Resident's Attempts To Convince Alaskans That Vaccines Are Worse Than Having The Deadly Covid-19 

A Palmer man, Joel Davidson, has taken it upon himself to try to convince other Alaskans not to take vaccines against Covid-19. The Wednesday, February 2nd story on his "Alaska Watchman" website was widely disseminated as truth.

The Watchman's claim that Covid-19 vaccines are killing Alaskans has even been quoted on KCAM Radio in Glennallen.

The story said that 5 Alaskans have been killed by the vaccine and that 111 people have been seriously injured. 
The state of Alaska's medical personnel immediately struck back. 
Anne Zink, Alaska's chief medical officer said Wednesday in a broadcast state forum: "The CDC came out very clearly this week and said that there have been no reported deaths that they have attributed to the vaccine." 
Dr. Anne Zink, Chief Medical Officer. (Webinar)

The state said that 5 people in Alaska between 73 and 100 years old have died after taking the vaccine – but that they died of other reasons.
On February 6th, in an interview with Alaska Public Media, the doctor explained how dangerous it was to have this type of misinformation out during a deadly time like this:
There's a lot of people who emailed me who said, 'I read this, and I'm really concerned, what does this mean?' And so it takes time. I’m always happy to answer questions and so as our team to explain where the data really comes from, and why that five people did not die from the vaccine: five people died after vaccination, but looking through their history, they had multiple underlying health factors, and some of them were actually on hospice and expected to pass away.

So I think it’s important to put the data into context and unfortunately, if it’s not put into context, it can really scare people from potentially choosing to get a life-saving vaccine that can protect them from a virus that has been ravaging our world and has been causing incredible loss, both with people getting sick and dying and unfortunately, the real economic consequences that comes to a lot of people being sick and being out as well. So we are all better off with more healthy and well together. And this vaccine is a strong and useful tool to get there as quickly as possible.

I am worried that people won’t get the vaccine because of misinformation. And I am concerned by the number of people who are expressing that information — they don’t have the context behind it and so they’re taking that as that five people died from the vaccine itself. So I am concerned that that is not only going to slow down the vaccine efforts, but more importantly, for that individual trying to make an individual decision, it’s really important that they have the information at hand and in full context to make the best decision for them and their family. And it’s important to put that data into context. -Alaska Public Media, February 6th, 2021

In Alaska, there is a strong effort to try to vaccinate both Alaska Natives and the elderly. These two groups are at very serious risk when they get Covid-19, and are far more likely to die than other groups. In the Copper Valley, the Copper River Native Association has been successful in moving the ages down for when you can get the vaccine. The Copper Valley has a sizable roadside Athabascan population which has been proactive – on a village and regional level – in fighting back against Covid-19.
Native Americans who are 18 and older can now get vaccinated at CRNA. The general population over 55 can also be vaccinated in the region. Hundreds of local people have taken advantage of the free program, which is administered at the Robert Marshall Building in Tazlina.
The vaccine is not "live" but can – like many medications – have some allergic reactions. The state said on February 4th that there were only two cases of serious allergy in Alaska due to the vaccine - out of 129,941 doses administered. 

The state said that Moderna reports 2.5 severe reactions per million doses, and Pfizer reports 5 to 11 severe reactions per million. The allergic reaction occurs in around 21 people – out of every 2 million doses of Pfizer – says CDC. Most of any reactions occur within 15 minutes after taking the shot. This is why in the Copper Valley and elsewhere there's a 15 minute period of time in which staff keep a person at the vaccination site, and monitor their response before letting them go home. 

The vaccine program, in Alaska and elsewhere, is widely understood to be the primary means of defeating Covid-19. 
Over 450,000 people have died in America of Covid in the last year. Many of the people who die are alone in a hospital, unable to breathe and unable to be with their families at the time of death. They move into death surrounded by anonymous medical staff in full PPE clothing, including masks, hoods and oxygen hoses, who try to comfort them as much as they can. 

Covid has been discovered to have long term side effects, even for those who have recovered from it. Some side effects can be loss of taste and smell. There are also very serious, long term medical problems, including internal damage of organs, fatigue, unclear thinking, and brain, neurological and coordination problems.

The ability to have a proper funeral has been greatly curtailed during this time period. Some funerals have been postponed indefinitely. Others – even in the Copper Valley – have been held from cars in parking lots.  Throughout America when mourners have ignored the dangers and brought families together in sorrow at funerals this has led to even more deaths as people gather together to grieve, and end up infecting friends and family members in the process. 



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