Sunday February 14th Funeral For Scott Yahr At GHS

The memorial service for Scott Yahr was live on the  Glennallen Chapel  Facebook  page February 14th. The audio was broadcast on AM 790 KCAM...

The memorial service for Scott Yahr was live on the Glennallen Chapel Facebook page February 14th. The audio was broadcast on AM 790 KCAM as well.

Scott Yahr at Gakona Lodge during the Copper Basin 300 Sled Dog Race. (Photo, Country Journal)

After decades of work at KCAM Radio in Glennallen, Scott Yahr has passed away. Born in 1964, Scott was 56 years old. 
He had been with the radio station during its days up on "The Hill" when it was operated out of a cold, small building – and he was also there when the radio station moved down into town, to its new location.
Scott graduated from Riverview Community High School, in Riverview Michigan, in 1983. He went to Moody Bible Institute in Communications and Broadcasting, from 1983 to 1986. Then he worked at the Moody Broadcasting Network from 1986 to 1988 out of Chicago, Illinois.  
Scott Yahr started as an announcer at KCAM Radio in November, 1989. He worked in the Copper River Valley for over 31 years. In 1996 he became KCAM's general manager. 
Known for his dedication to school sports broadcasting, and broadcasting the Copper Basin 300, Scott Yahr was a fixture in the Copper Valley community. He was an Elder at Glennallen Chapel.
Scott leaves behind his wife of 34 years –Elizabeth – and their three adult children. 

If you'd like to make a donation, there's an account at First National, called 'Scott Yahr Memorial.' Or, you can make an online donation through ZellePay. Use the phone number 907-259-5266.


In January, 1996 A Young Scott Yahr Talks Weather In The Copper River Country Journal


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