GHS Theater: November 16, 18 & 20th. Comedy Featuring Dozens Of Local Kids

 Snow White & The Seven Endings  One-Act Comedy At GHS On November 16th, 18th & 20th  Article by GHS Theatre students Ali Woods &...

 Snow White & The Seven Endings

 One-Act Comedy At GHS On November 16th, 18th & 20th 

Article by GHS Theatre students Ali Woods & Cadence Tubbs: 

Want to revisit your childhood? Or get the kids out of the house? Well, I’ve got an event for you, three days only at the Glennallen School Theater! Come watch our students perform “Snow White and the Seven Endings” by Tracy Wells.

 In this day and age, the story of Snow White may seem a little outdated, so you should come down to Glennallen school auditorium to watch this reimagined version. It  is an enajoyable, one-act comedy, with each scene a thrilling new personality showcasing a different genre of theatre. And the best part is that it is suitable for all ages. From the original storyline we all know to catchy music numbers, this play has got it all. 

This production will feature seven Forest Dwellers: David Rondeau as Grimmly, Eagon White as Clumsy, Alvin Albert as Daring, Silas Somers as Plucky, Reese Noble as Scarlett, Alisha Woods as Twinkle Toes, and James Segerquist as Spindiana Jones. Teagan Rude will play Snow White; Madison Cozzen is our Evil Queen, with Nemo Somers as her “Hag” alter-ego; Clarinda Bell is the Mirror; Leve Jones plays the Huntsman; and Zayne Olsen rounds out the cast as the Prince.

 Of course, a great deal happens behind the scenes, as well, and the hard work of our Set Crew, Props Crew, Costumers (Grace Rogers, Maddi Cozzen, and Clarinda Bell), and Stage Managers is equally important. Rogan Crain has undertaken all of our Sound requirements. Roman Aguila & Nick Patrick are running Lights. Ambrosia Wood (our Stage Manager) & Tierney Jones have spent hours painting our backdrop. Almost everyone in the two Theatre classes (28 students in all), including the cast, has helped with our Set. Autumn George (our Assistant Stage Manager) has filled in multiple times for actors who had to miss rehearsal. Ali Woods and David Rondeau have worked diligently on our Publicity. And Cadence Tubbs has assisted with Publicity while also helping Izzy MacDonald with Props.

 Please note, there will be baked goods and hot beverages sold before and after the show. This performance is one you’ll regret to miss. Come visit us on Thursday, November 16; Saturday, November 18; and Monday, November 20. Doors open at 6:00, and the play begins at 6:30 p.m. We can’t wait to see you all!


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