It's Official. EMS Advanced Life Support Ambulance Service Ends July 1st

Cross Road Says It's Ending Its EMS Advanced Life Support Service July 1st, 2024  Delta Medical Leaving Region  A local resident rushes ...

Cross Road Says It's Ending Its EMS Advanced Life Support Service July 1st, 2024 

Delta Medical Leaving Region 

A local resident rushes to an accident on the highway. (Photo by Copper River Country Journal) 

Delta Medical Currently Provides Advanced Life Support Ambulance In Conjunction With Cross Road Medical Center 

It's Unclear If Copper River EMS Can Step In  

MAY 1ST, 2024

Press Release From Cross Road Medical Center Officially Announces Discontinuation Of Ambulance Service 

In anticipation of the loss of ambulance service through Cross Road Medical Center, several weeks ago the Copper River Country Journal requested information from Copper River EMS about the extent of the services they were prepared to offer the Copper Valley. 

Matt Lorenz of Copper River EMS said he could not provide any information until the April minutes of the last Copper River EMS board meeting were approved in May. On behalf of Copper River EMS, Lorenz wrote:

"Those are not easy or simple questions with clear solutions. When/if CREMS releases any statements, ideas, etc. you will be included in the public release of information. Jolene let the board know you requested meeting minutes for Monday's meeting and the board does not object to providing them to you. The draft minutes will be presented to the board for approval at our next regular meeting which we scheduled for May. Jolene will provide them to you as soon as they are the official minutes and not draft minutes."  -- Matt Lorenz, April 17th, 2024

The urgency of the situation and its finality is clear in the following May 1st, 2024 Cross Road press release, which is printed below in its entirety. The Copper River Valley, which once had a robust Emergency Medical Service volunteer program, is now faced with a total breakdown of the emergency medical response system. 


The question for every Copper Valley resident is... when there's an accident and we call 911 in Wasilla dispatch for help, who will respond? 


EMS Service Ending in the Copper River Valley

Through the last several years, Cross Road Health Ministries, Inc. (CRHM), unaided by other organizations, or the state of Alaska has provided Advanced Life Support (ALS) level Emergency Medical Services (EMS) through Delta Medical Transport (DMT) for the Copper River Valley region. This service has been quick due to the availability of the DMT staff, and it has been life-saving for many individuals. Despite the positive results, it has become clear over the last year that CRHM can no longer pay for these services without severely damaging the rest of our community services. CRHM has sought financial help from the state of Alaska and other organizations. The state of Alaska granted CRHM enough funding to continue the services through June 30, 2024, but as of the writing of this article, there has been no long-term commitment for the necessary funds. Because of this lack of funding, we regret to announce that as of June 30, 2024, CRHM can no longer fund EMS services, and DMT will no longer provide EMS services in our area.

Understandably, the loss of EMS in the Copper River Valley is a huge concern for all of us who live in, work in, and visit the area, and the loss of these services may cause anger and fear among residents in the Valley. You may ask why CRHM decided to step into EMS services at all. The only answer is that it was the best decision that could be made at the time with the information available.

Moving forward, CRHM will continue to support our community with quality primary care and urgent care during regular hours. It is our understanding that the Copper River EMS Council, Inc. (CREMS) is reviewing the possibility of again providing EMS in the area. That being said, no one can provide EMS without much collaborative support in funding and volunteers. We must all look for ways we can support each other to meet the challenges ahead.


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