Thursday, January 21st: Over 410,000 Americans Killed By COVID

Vaccinations Race Ahead, But So Do Deaths Over 4,000  Americans died today The first case in the United States was discovered exactly a ye...

Vaccinations Race Ahead, But So Do Deaths

Over 4,000 Americans died today
The first case in the United States was discovered exactly a year ago. As of today, 410,336 Americans have died.
In commemoration, 400 lights were lit along the National Reflection Pool. They burned all through the night of January 19th, 2021 to help us all remember this terrible loss. There was one light for every 1,000 Americans who have died from COVID in the last year.
Many doctors are worried that the new mutations will push the deaths to half a million by the end of March unless Americans step up and start to fight back.

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How Can Americans Fight Back?
Wear Masks • Distance • Avoid Gatherings • Get Vaccinated.

Red Alaska News: 

202 New Cases  
1 New Death Jan 21st

Thursday's Report Uses Wednesday's Numbers  

The positive case numbers do not include asymptomatic residents or people who might have had mild symptoms and elected not to be tested.  This is partly because over 50% of all people who get COVID have no symptoms – leading to an undercount. The actual number of new cases in Alaska may be between 400 to 800 daily.

Dreadful December In Alaska
Before we celebrate these lower numbers, consider how bad a month December 2020 was for our fellow Alaskans. In December alone, eighty-five Alaskans died. That means forty percent of all COVID deaths in Alaska occurred in December. 

State Vaccine Report: Alaska has now received over 52,400 Moderna Vaccines and over 62,400 Pfizer vaccines. It has given out over 67,173 first shots and over 14,663 second shots. In fact Alaska now ranks number #1 in vaccinations per capita.

What Happens When You Get Your Vaccine At CRNA:  When you get your first vaccine shot at CRNA, you'll receive a card and a reminder of the appointment date for your second shot (picture below). After you get your shot in a private room, you will wait there for 15 minutes, using a timed clock. Staff will check up on you every few minutes to make sure you don't have any adverse reactions. The CRNA health workers are careful, professional, cheerful and even carefully escort you to and from your vehicle. 

If you are over 65 just call CRNA at 822-5241 and talk to a real person about getting the vaccine locally. 

To Take The Vaccine In The Copper Valley You Should Call CRNA at 822-5241.

Demand is high and CRNA's foresight has allowed Copper River people to get a head start in the state.

In a dramatic reversal, the state began projecting a large decrease in the next month. Case numbers are now similar to the week of October 5th. Cases began to increase in November, peaking around Thanksgiving. Then cases began declining in early December but recently they have been leveling out.

Alaska's problem will arrive with the new mutation reaching our towns and cities. See this story.

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Anchorage is relaxing its restrictions. Restaurants, for example, will be allowed to open at reduced capacity. Anchorage schools are going to gradually return to in-school learning for very young and students with special needs. Barring an acceleration of new cases, high schools are expected to open by March. Over 24,424 people from the Anchorage area have tested positive and 139 of them have died.

203 New Cases In Alaska Reported

The number of new cases in Alaska, although far fewer than in early December, is about the same as the middle of October. (See charts at the bottom of this page).

Today's Report: Anchorage (40), Kusilvak Census Area (30), Fairbanks  (22), Wasilla (18), Juneau (15), Eagle River (11), Palmer (9), Bethel (8), Kenai (8), North Pole (7), Unalaska (6), Anchor Point (3), Bethel Census Area (3), Kodiak (3), Douglas (2), Ketchikan (2), Seward (2), Sutton-Alpine (2), and one each in Aleutians East Borough, Dillingham Census Area, Girdwood, Homer, Kenai Peninsula Borough South, Matanuska-Susitna Borough, Northwest Arctic Borough, Sitka, Soldotna, Tok and Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area.

Copper River Report: The state didn't report any new positive cases today, January 21st, in the Copper Valley. In the last week, CRNA reported 8 new positive tests were taken at CRNA, Cross Road and Mount Sanford Tribal Consortium. The CRNA report means that a total of 202 Copper Valley people have tested positive since testing began. CRNA lists the number of presumed active cases in the Copper Valley as 37.

Alaskan Deaths
 49 In First 21 Days of January

49 COVID Deaths Have Been Reported Since January 1st – With A Heavy Toll On Older Alaskans

Most of the Alaskans who have died in the last few weeks were older citizens.The virus takes a heavier toll on those over 65, and also Alaska Natives who tend to get very ill from COVID. The State is reporting the following Alaskans have died from COVID-19 since January 1st.

January 1st: Nine More Alaskans Died
    • An Alaskan woman from Kenai just died.  
And the following Alaskans were found to have died from COVID

• An Alaskan man from Wasilla in his 90s.
• An Alaskan man from Utqiaġvik in his 80s.
• An Alaskan woman from Wasilla in her 80s.
• An Alaskan man from Anchorage in his 80s. 
• An Alaskan man from Anchorage in his 90s.
• An Alaskan woman from Anchorage in her 80s.
• An Alaskan woman from Anchorage in her 70s.
• An Alaskan woman from Ketchikan in her 50s. 

Monday, January 4th: Three More Alaskans 

• An Alaskan woman from Soldotna.
• An Alaskan man from the Yukon-Kuskokwim Census Area.
• An Alaskan woman from the Yukon-Kuskokwim Census Area.

 Wednesday, January 6th: Two More Alaskans 
• An Alaskan man from Anchorage in his 70s.
• Another Alaskan man from Anchorage in his 60s.

Thursday, January 7th: Three Alaskan Women, All In Their 50's
• An Alaskan woman from Anchorage.
• An Alaskan woman from Kusilvak.
• An Alaskan woman from the Bethel Census Area.

Saturday, January 9th: 
• An Alaskan man from Fairbanks in his thirties died.

Tuesday, January 12th: 
• An Alaskan man from Anchorage in his seventies died.

Wednesday, January 13th: 
• An Alaskan woman from Anchorage in her seventies died yesterday.

Thursday, January 14th: Two More Alaskans
• An Alaskan man from Anchorage in his 60s.
• An Alaskan man from Fairbanks in his 70s.

Friday, January 15th: An Alaskan Elder
• This Alaskan man was listed as being from Fairbanks but he was a long time Copper Valley resident and an important elder whose contributions to the Native people of Alaska and our community will long be remembered

Tuesday, January 19th:
• Another Alaskan man from Fairbanks died. 

January 20th: Twenty-four More Alaskans 
• An Alaskan woman from North Pole just died.  

And following are Alaskans who died in the past few weeks but were reported January 20th. 
• An Alaskan man from North Pole.
• An Alaskan woman from the Bethel Census Area.
• Another Alaskan woman from the Bethel Census Area.
• Three Alaskan men from Wasilla. 
• An Alaskan man from Palmer.
• An Alaskan woman from Palmer.
• An Alaskan man from Eagle River.
• Five Alaskan men from Anchorage. 
• Four Alaskan women from Anchorage.
• An Alaskan man from Kenai.
• An Alaskan woman from Homer.
• An Alaskan man from Kodiak.
• Two Alaskan women, one from Kodiak and 
the other from the Kodiak Island Borough.

January 21st: Another Alaskan 

• An Alaskan woman from Anchorage just died.  

For Whom The Bell Tolls 

COVID-19 has now killed more than 410,000 Americans.  A new strain of the virus has invaded America that is easier to catch. 70% of the people in the United States must get vaccinated before our economy can recover.

Tracking Alaska's Previous Numbers



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CRNA Vaccinates 100 More People

CRNA Vaccinates 100 More People
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