So Sad. Will Seattle Remain "Alaska's Team" With Russell Wilson Now In Denver? And What About That T-Shirt?!

BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO  Alaska Has Held The Seahawks Close To Its Heart Since The Days Of Steve Largent... Will Russell Wilson's Defe...


Alaska Has Held The Seahawks Close To Its Heart Since The Days Of Steve Largent... Will Russell Wilson's Defection To The Broncos This Month Mark The End Of The Romance? 

Seahawk logo on traditional hide at Dimond Center cultural event. (Photo, Country Journal, 2018) 

What happened, Russell? Why are you leaving – with no word of farewell? 

There's no getting around it. The Seahawks of Seattle have been "Alaska's Team" for decades. 

Gulkana Potlatch. (Photo, Country Journal, 2018) 

Alaskans have always loved an underdog, and the unlikely rise of young Russell Wilson, the charismatic not-very-tall Seattle star quarterback with his "go get 'em" Boy Scout attitude and remarkable, almost magical, throwing and tactical abilities only heightened Alaskans' love affair with the team. 

But now, Russell's gone to Denver. And he's abandoned not just Seattle, but Alaska, too, leaving behind a legion of broken hearts. 

Costco DeBarr worker. (Photo, Country Journal, 2018) 

What will happen then, to all the Seattle bling kicking around Alaska: the clothes, the hats, the chartreuse socks?  

Celebrating in Gakona. (Photo, Country Journal Archive) 

And the general carrying-on that (until this point) has offered excitement and joy every fall to Alaskans as our state slides relentlessly into the dark winter months? 

Seahawks license plate in Anchorage. (Photo, Country Journal) 

It was so sudden. Only a year or so ago, in 2021, Alaska Airlines, which is based in Seattle, rolled out its fourth "Russell Wilson" custom painted airplane. And announced that anybody wearing a Russell Wilson No.3 jersey could board early for all Seattle flights. 

Random traveler at Alaska Airlines Terminal. (Photo, Country Journal) 

It looked like there was some serious commitment going on. Russ was our man. 

Anchorage resident arriving at Alaska Club gym. (Photo, Country Journal, 2019) 

At least Alaska Airlines thought so. "When we can celebrate Russell Wilson in the stands and in the skies, that's a win-win," said Alaska Airlines. 

Last September Russell still loved us. (Photo, Alaska Airlines) 


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