Sam's Club Abandoned Alaska, So Costco’s Taking Over

MULDOON  Sam's Club Near JBER Looks Like It May Be Turned Into A "Costco Business Center"  Costco seems to be on track to crea...


Sam's Club Near JBER Looks Like It May Be Turned Into A "Costco Business Center" 

Costco seems to be on track to creating a new "Costco Business Center" off the Muldoon entrance to Anchorage on the Glenn.  According to the Anchorage Daily News, the $5 million project would renovate the Old Sam's Club building.

It would be the second new Costco that has swooped into Alaska after Sam's Club abruptly left the state. The popular Tikahtnu Commons Sam's Club in Muldoon – along with the Sam's Club in Fairbanks – were both abruptly shuttered several years ago. 

This hasn't stopped Alaskans from buying in bulk, and Costco taking advantage of Sam's Club's departures. The former Sam's Club in Fairbanks is now a Costco, too. 

Costco currently has four warehouses in Alaska: two of them in Anchorage, the Costco in Fairbanks... and a Costco on the outskirts of Juneau. 

The Tikahtnu Commons Costco would be the first Alaska Costco Business Center. According to the Costco site, "business" centers are accessible to all Costco cardholders. 

They differ from regular Costcos (the site says) in that they have even more food, groceries, snacks and drinks than an ordinary store. Many items are packaged for resale. 

The Costco Business Center opens earlier in the day, closes earlier, and is closed on Sundays, the site says. 

The website shows business centers sell restaurant-quantities of many foods, including:  40 lb cases of chicken breasts, wings, legs and thighs, 18 lb slabs of USDA Choice New York Strip Steak, 20 lb Boston butts, and 15 lb boxes of bacon. Other restaurant-type items include super-sized bags of many different types of flour and huge cans of condensed milk and corn starch. 

Janitorial supplies, heating and cooling devices, cleaning supplies, sanitizers, safety equipment (such as fire extinguishers) and cleaning tools are also apparently important business items. 

The Costco site shows many business-style things you'd normally find at Office Max: Binders, folders, posters, electronics, snacks, office equipment, basic writing supplies, shipping, packing and mailing material, neon signs, storage and organization items, as well as classroom supplies. 


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