Larry Sinyon, January 16, 2022

 Larry Wayne "Super" Sinyon  May 28, 1956 - January 16, 2022  Larry Sinyon  Larry "Super" was born to Paul and Ruby Siny...

 Larry Wayne "Super" Sinyon 
May 28, 1956 - January 16, 2022 

Larry Sinyon 

Larry "Super" was born to Paul and Ruby Sinyon in Anchorage, Alaska. He grew up in Gakona, Twin Lakes, and Mentasta Lake. The family settled in Chistochina. He went to high school in Glennallen.

Larry was an avid hunter and hunting guide and spent time up and around his mom's homestead. He helped teach and raise his "sister." When he and I married in '96, together we raised our "kit" as he called her, and again his only niece by his sister. He got into surveying in the fall of 1995, and went to work. 

In 2011, he adopted two of my grandchildren. He worked from Valdez to Prudhoe, and we vacationed up and down the Richardson Highway, the kids and I, while he worked the pipeline, homeschooling a few years.

We went up for Christmas, he took sick and went to ANMC on December 28, 2021. COVID-19 was pretty bad nationwide, and we did a few Zoom calls with him. He left us so sudden, it is hard for most of us still to really believe he is gone. 

We "all" family, friends, his co-workers and all the bosses he had, I know miss him; we all have our memories. He left behind his children, Adam, Talia, Shayne, Jenna (Lakota culture); grandson, Maverick Larry Hand; sister Elaine Sinyon and wife, Sherry. He has two favorite aunties, Laura and Lena, and numerous family in Lakota. 

It is not goodbye. Tok'sha ake (again, later.) 


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