New Zealand Clamps Down After 69 People Found To Have COVID-19

That's Only 18 More Cases In All Of New Zealand As In The Copper Valley Of Alaska  Parts of New Zealand look a lot like Alaska. (Ph...

That's Only 18 More Cases In All Of New Zealand As In The Copper Valley Of Alaska 

Parts of New Zealand look a lot like Alaska. (Photo, Wikipedia)


New Zealand, the island country to the west of Hawaii near Australia, thought it had beaten back  coronavirus 3 months ago. The cases stopped, and the nation's 5 million residents went back to normal life, as if nothing had happened. New Zealand had followed very strict protocols and taken really drastic action to throttle the virus, and they stunned the world when they announced their valiant efforts had succeeded.

Then, not long ago, a man who was in his 50's and lived in Auckland New Zealand got coronavirus, and so did three members of his family. New Zealand went into immediate action, imposing Level 2 mandates on the entire country – and even stricter Level 3 mandates on Auckland. 

Now, just a short time later,  69 people have tested positive in New Zealand as of August 17th, 2020.  And New Zealand is on full alert, moving to stamp out the fire once again, aggressively searching out the disease and attacking it.

Perhaps surprisingly, that doesn't seem like a lot of people to worry about -- just 69. But that's how raging epidemics start – just like a campfire, with one tiny twig feeding another, until soon enough you've got a blaze going like the 13,000 acre Wilson Camp Lightning Fire of 1985 in Wrangell-St. Elias Park, which threatened to jump the Copper River and take out all of the Copper Valley's roadside communities. There is a real similarity between forest fires and pandemics.

The one person with Covid-19 in New Zealand, then the four people there, have now climbed to 69 people in that country. And, as if they are firefighters, the people in New Zealand are attacking the renewed blaze of infection as if they were trying to surround an acre of burning timber in a dry forest to keep it from billowing into a raging inferno.

There are only 18 more people in an entire country of millions of people who are known to have  Covid-19 as in our tiny community of the Copper Valley. We have only around 3,000 people living here.

And we have 41 known residents with coronavirus. 


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